My modest proposal to greenies…

There is a simple solution to the deadly gas CO2, which as you all know is worse than Hitler

A denialist, seen yesterday after Copenhagen...

Chop down the Amazon and turn it into charcoal.

Save the polar bears, or do you hate them too?

Go on, you know it makes sense….. After all its for the children…. Or do you hate future generations??

In all seriousness why isnt a bioengineering project such as the large scale production of charcoal on the books? Does it lack the “command and control” aspects out betters seem to think we plebs deserve? If AGW was a serious issue then surely a project to char waste/sewage/etc would be a goer?

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One Response to “My modest proposal to greenies…”

  1. lucanas Says:

    Lord M interviews greenie.

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