Kevin Rudd sucks


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12 Responses to “Kevin Rudd sucks”

  1. eggz Says:

    Recent pic?
    If so, the krudder is certainly becoming a chubby little cherub, eh?

    • elsie Says:

      Why won’t my brilliant perspicacious comment appear here?

    • eggz Says:

      Something like:

      The krudder may have been elevated to a new category –


    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Ummm, I think I accidentaly deleted it as it went into our span list,

      my mistake…

  2. elsie Says:

    Oh well, it only concerned the latest imbecilic tweets of the pathetic PM. Anyone can look them up and CRINGE.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      MY EYES………..THEY BURN………..

  3. Rabz Says:

    What is it about the evil li’l dweeb that makes me want to smash his smug, stupid ugly face in?

  4. MarkL of Canberra Says:

    Hmm. I think the answer to complete your sentence ‘Kevin Russ sucks…’ is ‘…both of the above retards, and hugely enjoys doing so!’

    The answer of obama is ‘Obama sucks himself.’

    and for Gordon Brown it’s ‘Gordon brown sucks nobody, not for lack of trying, but because he is butt-ugly one eyed Scots git and the whole world hates him.’


    • Rabz Says:

      Onya Marky, good to see you over here, BTW.

      Oh and I hugely enjoyed your fisking of that dangerous greenie nutter cloive ‘suspend democracy’ ‘amilton…

      Did the idiots at the ALPBC post the comment?

    • ex-Victorian Says:

      More a case of someone else sucks Obama and he refuses to do likewise.

      Yes, nobody would suck Gordon Brown

    • eggz Says:

      ‘Kevin Rudd sucks…’

      ‘… like an Electrolux’ /Obama

  5. ex-Victorian Says:

    KRUDD is a totally pathetic human being.

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