Are they lying, or just stupid?

This from the department of propaganda ABC today.

Families will ‘be ahead’ under emissions scheme

Now I understand the ABC is reporting what theyve been told, but would it be to much to ask they get off their well padded taxpayer funded fat arses that they do some actual investigative reporting and poke a few holes in this rather obvious lie?

The Federal Government says the average low income household will be just under $200 better off under its proposed emissions trading scheme (ETS).

Apparently the government hasnt released the underlying data (and assumptions) for scrutiny, nor anywhere is mentioned just who will be worse off under an ETS…


Who will that be? God knows, it could be 90% of Australians will be worse off for all the fuzzy newspeak of “low income households”…

Oh wait here it is…

But Environment Minister Peter Garrett says many households will be financially better off under the Government’s plans.

“A significant portion – some 8 million households – will receive some assistance,” he said.

“Low income households will receive significant assistance and be ahead by some $190 per year under the scheme.”

Note the weaselspeak, “many households” a non defined number is linked by the magic of weaselspeak to the 8 million “households receiving assistance”. Thats not to say 8 million households will be better off, only that 8 million will receive something….

Now to use the Australian Beurau of statistics own data (2006 data, its a bit clearer)

At 30 June 2006 there were a projected 8.1 million households in Australia which were home to an estimated 20.2 million people, or 98% of the resident population.

So is chrome dome Garrett seriously trying to say that 95% of Australians will be better off? Or is he mixing figures to lie to Australians?

Again from the ABS (2009 data) heres the breakdown of incomes

Income share 2006 2009
Lowest quintile
Second quintile
Third quintile
Fourth quintile
Highest quintile
Second and third deciles


Given low income should mean those receiving the lowest percentile is it safe to assume Mr Garretts announcement should have read

“7.6% of you will be up to $190.00 a year better off, the other 92.4% of you will go backwards even if we do return some of the money we take from you back to you”.

So in a round about way is Mr Garett announcing over 90% of the Australian population is going to be worse off under an ETS??

Again, for an emissions trading scheme to work it has to retard demand for goods and services by pricing them higher, this is cloaked by referring to “increasing the price of energy”. Since everything you dont make yourself requires energy expenditure to manufacture/grow/transport/store/refine/anything, then it is effectively a consumption tax on every stage of a purchased items life. This has to mean people consume less of what they could previously afford, lowering the quality of living for millions of people in Australia.

If by magic it didnt affect the price of goods and everyone could afford the same items they do now, they there is no underlying reason to introduce it.

If the stated goal is to reduce energy consumption (by taxing it) so people use less/have less, then it is a lie to claim they will be better off.

She’s recovering

Some of you might remember a post about a girl called Na-young. This poor girl copped it worse than you can imagine.

Thinking he had to destroy the evidence by cleaning her inside out of his semen, he pushed her face down in the toilet again to wash her ears. He then used a pump (used for blocked toilets) on her via anus in attempt to extract his semen which lead to severe rupture of her large intestine where he, this time, tried to push the organs back inside her using the long stick of the pump.

The good news is that she is recovering

This was not the first picture drawn by Na-young that the world saw. That was a picture asking that 57-year old Jo Du-sun, the man who sexually assaulted her, be punished by being beaten in a prison full of cockroaches.

Judith White should hang her head in shame.

Defending Polanski is entirely consistent with the defence of artistic freedom.

Anyway, heinous artiste aside, the kid wants to be doctor now. She changed her mind after the doctors helped her so much.

How cool is that?


Translation of the pic below

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It ain’t me. Is it you?

Australian households are in record levels of debt and, for the first time, have surpassed American levels.

Reserve bank figures show household debt – the combination of personal and mortgage debt – is equivalent to Australia’s GDP.

That means every adult owes an average of $74,000.

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