She’s recovering

Some of you might remember a post about a girl called Na-young. This poor girl copped it worse than you can imagine.

Thinking he had to destroy the evidence by cleaning her inside out of his semen, he pushed her face down in the toilet again to wash her ears. He then used a pump (used for blocked toilets) on her via anus in attempt to extract his semen which lead to severe rupture of her large intestine where he, this time, tried to push the organs back inside her using the long stick of the pump.

The good news is that she is recovering

This was not the first picture drawn by Na-young that the world saw. That was a picture asking that 57-year old Jo Du-sun, the man who sexually assaulted her, be punished by being beaten in a prison full of cockroaches.

Judith White should hang her head in shame.

Defending Polanski is entirely consistent with the defence of artistic freedom.

Anyway, heinous artiste aside, the kid wants to be doctor now. She changed her mind after the doctors helped her so much.

How cool is that?


Translation of the pic below

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4 Responses to “She’s recovering”

  1. lady bingbing Says:

    ” Dear Dr. Sin Ui Jin.

    It’s Na-Young.
    Thank you for curing me.
    And have a good Christmas.”

    Merry Christmas

    From Na-Young”

  2. Kaboom Says:

    That is truly wonderful.

    What an extraordinary child, whom I pray grows up with utter contempt for all paedophiles like her attacker, and even more contempt for the enablers of such monsters.

    She will be scarred for life, but she appears to have the fortitude to turn around such tribulations, and come out swinging!

    Na-Young, God bless!

    (p.s. – if you were in Australia, or this shocking attack occurred in Australia, naming you or that arsewipe paedo cunt could lead to imprisonment for the editors of this blog ….. go figure?)

  3. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I’m glad that this poor child is recovering and i truly hope she recovers as best she can, cudos to the medco’s who kept he going. This little girls story never fails to get me a little choked up and completely outraged to the point of violence.

    Yet there is a part of me that still would be happy to torture that paedo sack of shit for eternity, i wish him ill.

    • bingbing Says:

      Yeah, called Lady bing after typing that post and when she translated hte letter, out came the waterworks.

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