The big freeze

So whilst most of the planet’s population settles in for an extraordinarily cold winter, here’s some useful climate links to send to your warmy friends.

Have we reached Peak Gore Coolness™? That is, that Al has flown round the globe so many times, that coldiness has reached critical mass, a tipping point if you will, and with the climax of Copenhagen, there’s now no stopping this global freezathon? Is the Gore Effect now a global Gore Effect?


And for all you southern hemi ruffugees sweating it out at the moment, just remember…

Southeast freezes again in our coldest winter in years

Oh, I dunno. Coldest, hottest, the climate really has been changing lately, and it just must be our fault.


Anybody else waiting for some under-funded scientist to declare our CO2 emissions have staved off another mini Ice Age?

LOL, we already know Rudd, Gore et. al. , in ten years time, when the climate has done bugger all, will declare that their draconian ideas and taxes will have been our saviour.

The Burj Dubai…

opens tomorrow (Monday). What an awesome achievement! Designed by Chicago architect, Adrian Smith, and built by Korea’s Samsung – who also built Tapai 101 and the Petronas Towers – and yes, located in the Middle East, this building is a perfect example of what we can do when we aren’t busy killing each other.

Unfortunately, though, it is yet to really help Emaar, the company paying for it. Back in March, their credit rating was downgraded and the real estate market, as you probably know, is pretty weak over there at the moment. For instance, a mate of mine is back in Oz after work had to stop on that Palm Island thingy.


“It’s the last blast of the Noughties in a city that got too big for its dishdasha [robes],”

A shame, that, but still an awesome feat of engineering regardless.

How does a religion maintain power?

With more religion… This time the Green religion.

Jesus wept. No pun.

“An objective shared by all, an indispensable condition for peace, is that of overseeing the earth’s natural resources with justice and wisdom.” – Benedict.

The pope and his predecessor John Paul have put the Vatican firmly on an environmentalist footing.


Britain is facing one of it’s coldest winters in 100 years. NB. So far, it’s “experts predict”.

Once in a generation cold snap for North Carolina.

More people dying from cold weather.

Cold weather kills more in India… not exactly a place one would regard a “coldspot”.

But of course the Pope would get on the environmental bandwagon. Most of his loyal constituency is in poor, 3rd world countries, set to reap billions of dollars, euros, whatever, of un-earned money from us capitalists and democracy advocates… some of which will funnel back to the Vatican.

LOL, and I’m Christian!

KRudd power

KRudd produces wind and solar power all by himself. Every time he farts, a little sunshine escapes from his arse.


With a little nudge from Carpe, yes, it’s Caption Time!

Here’s a start: Hahaha! This guy’s a complete wanker. But he’ll help my ratings!

Now, which one said that?

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