How does a religion maintain power?

With more religion… This time the Green religion.

Jesus wept. No pun.

“An objective shared by all, an indispensable condition for peace, is that of overseeing the earth’s natural resources with justice and wisdom.” – Benedict.

The pope and his predecessor John Paul have put the Vatican firmly on an environmentalist footing.


Britain is facing one of it’s coldest winters in 100 years. NB. So far, it’s “experts predict”.

Once in a generation cold snap for North Carolina.

More people dying from cold weather.

Cold weather kills more in India… not exactly a place one would regard a “coldspot”.

But of course the Pope would get on the environmental bandwagon. Most of his loyal constituency is in poor, 3rd world countries, set to reap billions of dollars, euros, whatever, of un-earned money from us capitalists and democracy advocates… some of which will funnel back to the Vatican.

LOL, and I’m Christian!

5 Responses to “How does a religion maintain power?”

  1. bushrat Says:

    I appreciate what you say, You have every right to say it,,,, FOR NOW.\
    I am a Catholic. I am no saint,
    Jesus wept Bing Bing because he , I Believe, knew what was coming. As I Get older I am able to undersatand why men, and women are so ready to lay down their lives for the freedom we want to live in.
    Be it, any religion no matter who is on top of the tree,we should all weep. My Thoughts only.
    Anyway doesn’t matter does it. Smiles and best of .2010 to you all.New year. new day. NEW ELECTION

    • bingbing Says:

      It’s worse for me. I’m technically Anglican. But what’s the point even going to church when the Archbishop of Canterbury has gone Green bonkers? Much more so than the Pope. Anyways, but, one doesn’t need a church in order to pray.

  2. annaual Says:

    No-one is free. You only think you are.

  3. eggz Says:

    If the Greens are neo-Pagans, do they not realise that man and so his civilisation are a part of ‘Gaias’ evolutionary process and so not again it?
    ‘Wilderness’ is not part of Aboriginal lexicon because there is no distinction.
    Unless, they put man above nature – arrogance – in a Biblical days animal husbandry early agricultural society world view of millennia ago.

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    What I remember first from all the Bible reading I’ve done is, “Go forth into the world, to subdue it.” That’s worked out pretty well for about 4000 years.

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