Bolt vs Rupert

Na… maybe?

Although key radio identities are on annual leave and will not return to work until January 18, when the ratings season begins, the coming year is already shaping up as an interesting one.

Could Bolt be finally making the move? C’mon. It’s a seriously early vacation after the last 5week one. He reckons he’ll start again in late January. Ratings start up again in late January?

There’s at least a distinct possibility.

It’s tabloid stuff, for sure, but Bolt surely knows we aren’t going to pay. At least not the way Rupert wants us to.

Vacation? If there aren’t heavy negotiations going on from all sides…

Make the move, AB!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Bolt’s gonna make the move. He know’s he’ll lose his audience/influence if Rupert starts charging to read his blog/starts cashing in. Is probably looking at what Rush does, but that still means radio.

Bet AB’s looking at a TV deal, too.

Either way, Rupee wants us to pay, and AB isn’t happy with that. Either Rupes backs down or AB diversifies. Or both.

5 Responses to “Bolt vs Rupert”

  1. eggz Says:

    ‘Rupee’ being very apt.

    When Rupe went to cash in on the emerging (satellite) PayTV market in India in the early 90s, just as Foxtel was being launched in Oz, the ‘V’ music video channel for India was rebranded across Rupe’s global platforms (Oz ‘Red’ channel became ‘V’).
    The Indians have long had ‘sharp elbows’ when it comes to international negotiations (they forced the ITU’s WARC-ORB-85 conference on (equatorial) geo-stationary comms satellite slots).

    India’s Pachauri heading the IPCC and TERI, a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and professing no conflict of interest? Pffft!

  2. Struth Says:

    Where is Bolt going? After football, Bolt is the Herald-Sun.
    Rupe knows this. Bolt’s going nowhere.

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    The question is, will Rupe chuck everything behind a paywall, allow 1/2 articles, or start off selectively with poeple like Bolt, that he knows pull in readers?

  4. Shelley Says:

    Bolt is worldwide now. He’d be mad not to be asking for a raise and setting his own terms, though it’s hard to think of any contract that pays so well and has as many holidays attached as the one he’s managed to jag already. You no sooner get use to him blogging and he’s having more time off. Bloody good on him of course but if there’s a pay per view element to his blog and columns things will dry up overnight. This little black duck for one will not pay for online news that then chews up computer speed with those crappy adverts.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Hi Shelley,

      This has been discussed here previously on other threads but Bolta has become one of the blogs of note & IMHO he would be better served remaining as a commentator for Rupert & running his own gig on the side (al la RS McCain) a bit like doing a reverse Tim Blair.

      As for the advert thing, yes it can chew up a lot of bandwidth which is why i prefer a site that has paypal or the ubiquitous “tip jar” or “beer fund sucka”. Probably why i don’t go to Town Halls page anymore because the amount of ads chewed up too much bandwidth.

      I’m with you in that i won’t pay for a news site when there are so many more ‘citizen’ journalists who can give me the same content fot free or with a voluntary subscription.

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