When Japanese whale in the southern ocean, OZ’s southern ocean?

A protest vessel was rammed yesterday by a Japanese vessel. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway, I don’t support the eco argument on this when a country is trying to carry out a tradition… which would lead one to think that they wanna make it sustainable. Sure, from personal experience, the meat stinks something bad, so much so I could never bring myself to taste it. Then again, some folks eat all kids of shit (sorry Mr Dungbeetle).

I’m too tired now to look intoit, but I think everyone is missing the point… and yes, I’m a dumbass.

Is Japan whaling in Australian or international waters?

If in Australian waters, are they compensating us, and just who are they compensating, and by how much?

If not in Australian waters, then why is Greg Hunt, who’s supposed to be Garrett’s nemesis, calling them Australian whales? Greg, if you’re going for the money angle, just say it.

A non-military observational ship?! Gillard phoning her lawyer buddies?!

Back to those dumbass questions which nobody seems to be even addressing.



Nothing will happen. It’s a legal minefield.

It’d be easier for expats to tell their Korean or Japanese friends that whale meat just smells gross. Tim still has point, though. Acting like some kind of eco militia, like the sea shepards do (whatever “sea shepard” means”) is not the answer. In fact, it’s a big part of the problem. You too, Al. I’m freezing. How’s your heated pool going?


A legal minefield ain’t all that bad. We stay interested. Everyone makes a buck. No major conflict. Probably even a few whales are saved, even whilst genetic engineers and everyone else just does their thing, too.


Epic LULZ: Frozen Al Gore Ice Sculpture

Evidently, this is becoming a yearly ritual in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Apropos, as the entire northern hemisphere seems to be in the grip of runaway Gore Effect.

Some climo-tards, guilty of felonious stupidity, are still living in a state of profound denial.

THE GLOBE IS NOT WARMING! The Scientists Lied, and Climate Change Died!

In fact, we’re guaranteed another ice age!

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