When Japanese whale in the southern ocean, OZ’s southern ocean?

A protest vessel was rammed yesterday by a Japanese vessel. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway, I don’t support the eco argument on this when a country is trying to carry out a tradition… which would lead one to think that they wanna make it sustainable. Sure, from personal experience, the meat stinks something bad, so much so I could never bring myself to taste it. Then again, some folks eat all kids of shit (sorry Mr Dungbeetle).

I’m too tired now to look intoit, but I think everyone is missing the point… and yes, I’m a dumbass.

Is Japan whaling in Australian or international waters?

If in Australian waters, are they compensating us, and just who are they compensating, and by how much?

If not in Australian waters, then why is Greg Hunt, who’s supposed to be Garrett’s nemesis, calling them Australian whales? Greg, if you’re going for the money angle, just say it.

A non-military observational ship?! Gillard phoning her lawyer buddies?!

Back to those dumbass questions which nobody seems to be even addressing.



Nothing will happen. It’s a legal minefield.

It’d be easier for expats to tell their Korean or Japanese friends that whale meat just smells gross. Tim still has point, though. Acting like some kind of eco militia, like the sea shepards do (whatever “sea shepard” means”) is not the answer. In fact, it’s a big part of the problem. You too, Al. I’m freezing. How’s your heated pool going?


A legal minefield ain’t all that bad. We stay interested. Everyone makes a buck. No major conflict. Probably even a few whales are saved, even whilst genetic engineers and everyone else just does their thing, too.


10 Responses to “When Japanese whale in the southern ocean, OZ’s southern ocean?”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I know someone will try to cane me for this but what the hey; however i will clarify a point immediately and that is my beautiful wife the good Lady Jugulum is Japanese, i have recently returned from Japan and i’ve also eaten whale, I am an Australian who is ex-Navy & served in Gulf 1, Operation Damask, Unimir & Tamar so don’t give me that WWII shit either,

    (as i mentioned in a previous post it is ocean going beef when braised or steamed in miso broth is really quite tasty, Dolphin on the other hand smells like burnt tin foil & the smell made me queasy);

    First things first, the Shonan Maru 2 is operating in international waters despite what anyone says, Australia can call the area an ocean wildlife park or what ever, the fact still remains if a government from another country doesn’t recognise this then you could call it disneyland in the south and it makes no difference.

    Now the creature of chioce is the Minke whale, which is not endangered. Granted the method of killing is rather cruel but the fact remains that the methods of despatching various forms of bovine, porcine, ovine, ursine (yes i’m reaching now), poultry & piscatorial specis can be viewed as less than ideal, but this is a critter that is a food product nothing more & nothing less, the fact that it is done under the guise of science is disappointing, but not out of the ordinary when considered how we deal with other forms of meat. People need to get over the “cute” factor with whales, lambs are cute too but i’ll still happily chow down on one.

    As for the “spy plane” episode, the Japenese are chartering a plane to fly over the Southern Ocean, this is a commercial enterprise and not something covert. The mere fact that Julia Lizzard even suggested something as stupid as she did reeks more of political populism than rational thought.

    The short version – Oz says its a swhale sancuary, Japan says it’s international waters & par le vous fuck you.

    Thats My Rant………PS one of the best ski seasons i,ve ever seen in the Hakuba Valley – thank you global warming………thank you very much……….i mean that 😉

  2. elsie Says:

    After watching the video footage of the crash, I think it is obvious that the Japanese did not swerve to hit the Sea Shepherd Boat. Large ships like that cannot swerve quickly. I also wonder why the ABC keeps reporting that the Abe Gil sank, when it is obvious that while very badly damaged it is still afloat.

    What a load of bleep!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Hi Elsie;

      I served on ships of various tonnage (Vampire 3500 Tonne, Perth 4500 tonne) these ships were greyhounds of the sea and not even they could have missed that vessel. People mistake a ship being tossed by the swell with steerage.

      A pointed moment is when i was on HMAS Cook in ’85 in the Southern Ocean, we had 8 knots rung down and still had no steeerway as the swell was around 15 metres and swell distance was about 30 metres.

      That is heavy seas with very little distance between peaks & troughs which tossed the ship every which way and as a result the helm had no chance of holding a course. I know because i was on the bridge at the time (happy memories).

  3. Sandi Says:

    Hi, Carpe
    All day on the radio (6PR Perth) people have been bleating about “illegal” whaling in “our” waters. In the first place, it is not illegal and in the second place they’re not “our” waters. Only 8 of 193 countries recognise them as such. Just because our government claimed them, doesn’t make it so.

    On the collision: I’ve seen four different videos from four different angles. They were either 1) trying to get hit (and succeed in causing the present uproar) or 2) vastly overrated their own skills in an attempt to cut across the bow (as these idiots have been filmed doing before – but that was in Sydney Harbour, not the high seas) and scoot away, high-fiving each other, on the other side. My money is on option 2.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Hi Sandi;

      Yes I’ll also take option 2, i’ve looked at various coments across the intermong and the fact that people have said the Shonan Maru 2 steered toward the tardmeran is too stupid to bother commenting on. At around 500 tonne & a cruising speed that would embarrass a snail, the time for the helm to respond to purposely ram a vessel would be measured in the tens of seconds not an instant response, that is if the ship has steering from the bridge & not from a wheelhouse below decks

  4. Nemesis12 Says:

    Not to mention the fact they were in direct violation of maritime law regarding close approach.

    Waters are international

    Government will not send any Navy ships re this because the obvious result of an Australian military ship firing on a japanese civilian crewed ship in international waters is what’s called an ACT OF WAR.

    KRudd is a dickless wonder and OLl Baldie Garrett can go suck the chrome off a tow truck for all I care.

  5. eggz Says:

    Various cultures eat different animals, eying each another with disdain; methinks there’s some latent racism in the Green-Left’s singling out of the Japanese whaling industry.

  6. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Personally, I believe what the Japs are doing here is totally reprehensible. Not that I subscribe to the hug a whale theory, just that one should show great respect to any creature that weighs 30 tons and is smarter than Kevin Rudd.

    However, if the SFLT’s want to play this game the way they are, with the Piracy laws being what they are; I rekon the Japs should hose the fuckers with 7.62mm.

    At the end of the day the maritime laws are there to protect HUMAN life. All of it. Not just some twats with too much money and education but not enough time in the real world.

    They are an evolutionary dead end and should be treated as such by the rest of our species.

  7. missredi Says:

    i am too ignorant to comment on where the japanase are whaling and in whose waters they are hunting. nor do i know the culture of those who value whale hunting. it does seem a bit far south of japan where they are hunting. i do have some sense of geography. being an american, i dont know about the whaling industry. i dont know what products come out of such industry. i suppose it is a lot of meat.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Evening missR;

      Where the Japanese are whaling is an area called “the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone” it sits down near the iceberg line (Antarctic) about 1300 miles south of New Zealand, the Japenese Government (whaling commision), [also many other Governments], is not a signatory to this agreement and as such does not recognise it.

      As for hunting whales this far south, yes it is a long way from their home ports, (i won’t call it scientific harvesting that is disingenuouis), but countries such as Taiwan and China base fishing vessels out of the Solomon Islands so it is not unprecedented in commercial fishing operations. The scientific side is maintained because the wax plugs in the whales ‘ears’ is used to determine age, ocean habits etc.

      What do we get from whales, well the most obvious is the meat (which is a bit fatty and a lot like beef), the skin & fat is used in soap and on the rare occasion that ambergris is found it is used in perfume (musky scents) although the chance of getting this from a Minke whale is rather remote.

      If on the off chance you would like to know more about the whaling industry in the USA the book “2 Years before the Mast” is good or my favourite “In the Heart of the Sea” by Nathaniel Philbrick [Published by Harper Collins 2000]. Both relate to the Nantucket whaling ships from 1810 to 1842.

      As an interesting sideline the book “In the Heart of the Sea” tells the story of the Essex, which was sunk by a whale and was the basis for Moby Dick, it is a tragic yet riveting true story where the 2 survivours became cannibals by necessity. Recommended reading.

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