Ahmadinnerjacket n effing lillies!

With thanks to Aussie Dave over at Israellycool and Gavin Atkins. Just spreading the love.

Warning: NSFW! But thanks to Mrsheved for making it in the first place, too. In case it isn’t obvious, it’s the Iranian government that’s the problem, not Iran’s people.


BTW, ain’t irony delicious? Originally a song by uber-leftist, Lily Allen, and directed at George Bush, this song is just as versatile as the F word itself. And besides, her tunes are catchy, she doesn’t like bras, and loves to flash. What’s not to love?


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You know how George W Bush is a creep? Cheney more so? But surely that’s no reason not to dance, right?

Shed that love fat, leftards.


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