Who Was Miep Gies? She Just Died at 100, and You Should Know

Miep Gies was in the family who hid Anne Frank from the Nazis for as long as they were able. Not only that, but she was personally responsible for saving Anne’s diary, and thereby informing the whole world of this little girl’s tragic end at the hands of her murderous oppressors.

“(CNN) — Miep Gies, who ensured the diary of Anne Frank did not fall into the hands of Nazis after the teen’s arrest, has died. She was 100.

Gies was among a team of Dutch citizens who hid the Frank family of four and four others in a secret annex in Amsterdam, Netherlands, during World War II, according to her official Web site, which announced her death Monday. She worked as a secretary for Anne Frank’s father, Otto, in the front side of the same Prinsengracht building.

The family stayed in the secret room from July 1942 until August 4, 1944, when they were arrested by Gestapo and Dutch police after being betrayed by an informant. Two of Gies’ team were arrested that day, but she and her friend, Bep Voskuijl, were left behind — and found 14-year-old Anne’s papers.

“And there Bep and I saw Anne’s diary papers lying on the floor. I said, ‘Pick them up!’ Bep stood there staring, frozen. I said, ‘Pick them up! Pick them up!’ We were afraid, but we did out best to collect all the papers,” Gies said in a 1998 interview with The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.
“Then we went downstairs. And there we stood, Bep and I. I asked, ‘What now, Bep?’ She answered, ‘You’re the oldest. You hold on to them. So I did.”

The girl had chronicled two years of the emotions and fears that gripped her during hiding, as well as candid thoughts on her family, her feelings for friend-in-hiding Peter van Pels, and dreams of being a professional writer. Mixed into the entries were the names of the Dutch helpers, who risked their lives to keep the family’s secret.”

Every jew-hating leftard, every self-loathing jew, and every piece of jew-hating muslim filth in the world ought to be beaten about the head and shoulders with the blunt instrument of this great lady’s life and actions.

Godspeed Miep.

5 Responses to “Who Was Miep Gies? She Just Died at 100, and You Should Know”

  1. elsie Says:

    I read this in the Courier-Mail this morning and felt that humanity had really sunk to the lowest depths of depravity:

    Face sewn onto ball in grisly drug war

    A VICTIM’S face was sewn onto a soccer ball and kicked in a grotesque ploy by Mexican drug lords determined to intimidate a rival gang.

    Then I read your post Angus Dei, and once again felt there was some hope for the human race if only we could find enough people like Mies on planet Earth.

    May she rest in peace.

    • elsie Says:

      Apologies for the typo…..it is of course Miep, not Mies.

  2. bushrat Says:

    I read that story, Anne Franks diary when I was a lad. I shall never forget the horror she must have gone through.The book wa so well written one coulld almost hear the thud of the hunters.. Indeed, smell the fear.
    My Godmother, whom I caught up with some time back was in Holland when the British marched down the streets bestowing both freedom to the Natives,, and Punishment to the oppressors.
    In her words to me on that visit. Quote..Ve vere just sooo happy. we cheered and cried. unquote.
    Alada, this for you. god keep you well.

    • bingbing Says:

      That’s really beautiful.

  3. bushrat Says:

    Thank you .That..bingbing ,, was a time after a real bad health scare,, for me,, another story. nother time EH? It was a time to revisit the past.. I said. Hello!!! Is this my Fairy Godmother ??????? From there,it went from Tear to Tearsl. beautifull lady,
    My Godmother.

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