Cocaine at the White House?

Preposterous, you might think. But maybe not. The GPS coordinates seem to be matching up.

Read on.

8 Responses to “Cocaine at the White House?”

  1. eggz Says:

    Leftoid crack sniffers?

    Who’d’ve thunk it?

    • bingbing Says:

      Did you click the link? Someone sent a message on their iPhone to a message board with a picture of three lines, saying it’d been a tough day, and someone else traced the GPS back to the White House!

  2. eggz Says:

    Yup, The One’s Leftoid admin staff?

    … plus it was a (weak) pun, too. ;)’

  3. bushrat Says:

    What’s a tough day in the white house??
    Answer: That would be Lie-nin, wouldn’t it

  4. bushrat Says:

    For you eggz .Never crack, or should I say Quack. under pressure. OK?? LOL.

  5. 1.6 Says:

    Sniffer dogs silly

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