Leftist Shyster Martha Coakley: No Catholics in Emergency Rooms

I’m thinking of starting a solo blog called, “People Who Are Excrement” or “People Who Are Shit.” I can’t decide which I like better. In any event, leftard shyster-politician Martha Coakley would easily make it onto my as yet fictional blog, because she is certainly a person who is shit by every measure of a human being. In a radio interview t’other day, she actually said, “You can have your religious freedom, but you probably shouldn’t work in an emergency room.” This in response to a birth control/induced abortion question.

Take a listen to this amoral mutt.

This POS – Hey, “POS People” might be a good title! – is, running for “Ted Kennedy’s seat” in Massachusetts. Yeah, yeah, I’m a Texan, but I went to college in Boston, so I am watching this race with some interest, and besides, it really does have national implications. Massachusetts is so blue that red blood corpuscles are practically illegal there, so this should be a cake walk for any Phlegmocrap candidate, but Coakley is so shit-suckingly bad a candidate that her Republican challenger, Scott Brown, actually has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

Coakley is no newcomer to my Shit List either; she’s been a scum-sucking, maggot-out-of-hell shyster for her entire shitastic career. The article is impossible to exerpt, so you’ll have to read the whole enchilada, but it concludes thusly:

“If the sound of ghostly laughter is heard in Massachusetts these days as this campaign rolls on, with Martha Coakley self-portrayed as the guardian of justice and civil liberties, there is good reason.”

Martha Coakley is a person who is shit, and has been shit all of her life by all accounts. Will she win? Probably, because I’ve met hundreds of “the voters of Massachusetts,” and they ain’t any too smart.

They could be scared into voting for the bitch by her goon squad though. Watch as Coakley operative and Obama appointee Michael Meehan shoves reporter John McCormack to the ground for asking Coakley an inconvenient question.

Here’s the still:

The whore is supposed to be an Attorney General. She witnessed a crime. Will she testify against this Meehan Piece Of Shit? Don’t bet on it, because he’s a leftard fellow traveller.

Is this really the kind of shit you want representing you in the United States Senate, Massachusetts? I must sadly admit that I think it is, because I lived for several years in a condo in the 100 block of Beacon Street, and I’ve never met so many head-up-ass leftards as during that time.

Surprise me, Massachusetts: Elect Scott Brown instead of this Coakley turd.

So why do Americans have their heads up their arses at the moment?

It’s all about health care.


Doomsday Clock

Trinity Nuclear Test


The Doomsday Clock (that helpful guide to our impending doom and whether we should be panicking wildly or calmly walking about with a sign that says “We’re All Going To Die! Repent, the End is Nigh!”) has been moved back one minute. The position moved from 5 minutes from Doomsday to 6 minutes from Doomsday. An ICBM takes 20-30 minutes to reach the other side of the world so by their count the world will end well before the first missile warhead explodes.

We’ve been between 2 and 17 minutes from doomsday for 63 years (btw 63 years = 33,112,800 minutes).

Wiki summarizes the reason as “Worldwide cooperation to reduce nuclear arsenals and pledges to limit climate-changing gas emissions.”

The US and Russia have been reducing their stockpiles for the last decade or so but since the last change in the clock in 2007 there has been little progress on North Korea or Iran’s nuclear program, and nuclear Pakistan seems less stable. It seems the world is less stable, but since I don’t have a giant graphic clock or put out press releases no one cares what I think.

If I had a giant doomsday clock I'd include all of the Great Lakes.

In 2007, they set the precedent of considering climate change as a risk of nuclear annihilation, I assume because sweat could cause a slippery finger to slide from the hold button on the phone and accidentally hit big red nuclear launch button.


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And since Ash was such a hippie

And a greenie…

In rememberance of Ashleah Emery

Never forgotten.

The time stamp is accurate.

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