So why do Americans have their heads up their arses at the moment?

It’s all about health care.


2 Responses to “So why do Americans have their heads up their arses at the moment?”

  1. elsie Says:

    This is interesting too (from Rasmussen):

    In Nevada, support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has fallen even more following release of comments he made about Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. Reid now trails two Republican challengers by double digits. In Ohio, Rob Portman holds a very narrow advantage over two Democrats in his effort to enter the U.S. Senate. In New Hampshire’s Senate race, Republican Kelly Ayotte likely Democratic candidate Paul Hodes by nine.

    I have relatives in the USA (Sacramento and Houston) and quite a few friends, who mostly seem to have lost their passion for Obama in a big way.

    The healthcare bill is an improbable mishmash of bribery and pork-barrelling for some states as opposed to others. If passed it will cause more problems than it solves.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I hope that corruptocrats like reid, bawny fwank barbra (call me senator) boxa & granny rictus pelosi mcbotox are gone sooner rather than later.

      The whole democritter machine in both congress and the senate should be booted out, their pork barreling and shady deals (al la the ‘stimulus’) knows no bounds.

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