Red hot cougars on the prowl….

Quick call the Whhhaaaambulance! A mock ad for NZ airlines has a few of the easily offended brigade up in arms.

The ad is a mock nature documentary on “cougars” , those near mythical ladies of a certain age who’s prey is younger blokes.

The offence is at how the ladies are portrayed as “on the hunt”, but funnily enough no complaint about how the blokes are portrayed as “monkey men”, huddled in a group and scratching in a simian fashion.

Anyway heres the ad, I think its funny myself.

Oh and for those offended, I hope you can produce your offended letters you wrote to this show as well….

7 Responses to “Red hot cougars on the prowl….”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    How come this never happened when i was younger, life can be so unfair.

    Not that i would have allowed myself to be a plaything for a hawt older woman, in fact i would have fought them off bravely before succumbing to their evil intent………no really i would. (I can’t back that up)

    • bingbing Says:

      If you hadn’t been stuck on a ship with a bunch of sailors…

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Yes Bing, but eventually sailors come alongside, then it’s;

      No seas to rough, no muff too tuff.

    • bingbing Says:

      Some peeps may pay out on a white bloke shacking up with an Asian chick. Probably the same peeps who’ve never seen an Asian chick go truly psycho. It’s a beautiful sight.

  2. bingbing Says:

    How bad is it that I thought of Sex and the City? Lady Bing’s favourite show. Am subjected regularly.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      You thought of what!!!!!!!!

      You sick shit.

    • bingbing Says:

      Dude. She can virtually quote the movie. It’s either that or that model runway show with that German supermodel, Heidi Klum. Klum, who tells you your life mission is over, then says aufweidersehn with a peck on the cheek.

      It dire. Maybe you’re not religious but pray anyways.

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