I Want a Puffin!

Check out the new NASA personal aircraft concept.

“Don’t let the cuddly name fool you; as far as specs are concerned the Puffin is no slouch. Its 12-feet height and 13.5-feet wingspan mean it’s big, but of manageable stature. In theory it can cruise at 150 miles per hour and sprint at more like 300 miles per hour. Since the craft is electrically propelled it doesn’t need air intake, so thinning air is not a limitation, meaning it can reach — again, in theory — 30,000 feet before limitations on battery power force it to descend (clearly the pilot would need a pressurized cabin or oxygen tanks at that altitude, but we’re just talking raw physical capability here).
The Puffin’s range would be the most limiting characteristic, at just 50 miles, but that’s simply a matter of battery density. Batteries are growing more dense by the day, so in coming years that range could be drastically improved.”

No, I didn’t mean this puffin.

But there is a family resemblance, no?

H/T Glenn Reynolds

Oh Dear: Female Bobsled Athlete Too Big for Britches

How epic can a fail get?

What Does Scott Brown’s Win Really Mean?

As always, Adolph sums up the liberal mood best.

These never get old… so long as you don’t understand German, of course.

H/T Glenn Reynolds

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