Brand name: FAIL!

Does it come with corn?

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The ABC interviews Monckton/Rudd pimpslapped…

The ABC’s counterpoint had an interview with Viscount Monckton on the wheels falling off the AGW scam. For those who dont know it Counterpoint is the (very) left wing ABC’s token right wing show.

Monckton does a great job of tormenting the warmenistas in the interview, and his “letter to Kevin Rudd” I will reproduce in full below the fold.

Lets just say Kevin can either not reply and look foolish, or he can reply and remove all doubt on just how foolish he is.

Here is the transcript to the radio interview: Radio

And here is a link to the Audio file: Audio

Now venture below the fold for Mr Moncktons flaying, rolling in rock salt and setting on fire of Kevin Rudd.

Full text under the fold

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New important life saving technology…

From The weird Asia news site comes this important development in life saving gear.

This new device allowed an elderly man to fall 6 stories and still survive…

Unfortunately the device was destroyed in the impact, but not before it saved its owner

Heres a picture taken of the plummeting Airfilled Cushening Object, PACO for short, one of the reporters managed to snap

The manufacturer was unavailable for comment...

Which brings me to this rather creepy story.

Goodbye, Woman; Hello, Dolly!


The video is SFW, just….

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