New anti-pedophile kit, Kiddarettes

Hot off the new products aisle at PACO corp (all products of a guaranteed quality*)comes the hottest new thing in child safety.

New PACO Molest-Me-Nots kiddarrettes.

More below the fold, borderline NSFW…

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James “wheres my warming” Hansen coming to Oz.

Hmmm lets do the old lefty trick of “follow the money”… Who is paying for this poor public servant to come and enlighten us proles?

There is no mention of an honourarium payment for Mr Hansen at any of the venues, so are we to assume he is paying his own way?

The Government of South Australia, in association with the Environment Institute are hosting James Hansen at a public event.

Lets look at what they have to say then, and just who are the “environment institute“? Well from the info given its a section of the university devoted to environmental issues. Given the direct links between increases in funding for their disciplines and AGW I think we can safely assume they have a vested interest in Mr Hansens theories. There is no mention of Mr Hansens visit on the SA government website, despite them promoting themselves as collaborating to bring Mr Hansen to Oz??

Now heres another talk hes attending in Oz, can we claim Mr Hansen is in the pocket of big uranium?

Note the supporters of this forum, ABC, SMH and Sydney council, all wets.

Always use an alias

Are you a national treasure and idol of millions of Canadians and millions more worldwide?

Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh?

Then use an alias when you get arrested for cooking meth.

Defendant: Kevin Halter
( Cook County Sheriff’s Office photo / February 22, 2010 )
Charge: Operating a methamphetamine laboratory

(FYI, his accomplice in the meth lab does not look anything like Rick Moranis.)

Of course, it goes without saying that this may not be the real Doug McKenzie but a case of the Canadian cloning program gone awry.

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The failest fail since failtown burned down.

That paper of record the Gruinaid (Guardian), has come up with a set of pictures of a protest held in Palestine.

But its the lamest concept in protests ever. If you thought giant paper mache heads were the in thing then daaahlink thats just so last season…

So without further ado I present the most lame protest convergence idea in history.

The AVATAR/PALESTINE protest convergence….

I present AVARETARD.


An Avaretard protester climbing a "blockade" into Israel? It would help for consistency if the other protesters appeared to be following him, you know over where the other cameras are pointing and theres smoke plumes.


If only hed leave the plastic bag on....


Fortunately starvation of oxygen to the brain is unlikely to affect this tool...


Aieee!!!! I die, I die!! stagger stagger, crawl crawl....gurgle...


I actually feel pity for the poor old dude in front there...


Theres a few more piccies at the Guardian link, but I think I can safely say the lamest protest of 2010 has already been found.

Saudi Rock Musicians Risk Arrest

This is truly great news.

“The last three years have seen an explosion in the kingdom’s underground music scene, with bands playing everything from hip-hop and rock to punk and death metal. There are currently more than 40 bands quietly rocking the nation, playing gigs in private homes, in residential compounds that house foreign workers and in tents in the middle of the vast Saudi desert.

But rocking in Riyadh and moshing in Mecca have their risks. The dreaded Mutaween — the Saudi religious police tasked with enforcing Shariah, the nation’s strict Islamic law, feel you have to suffer if you want to sing the blues. They’ve arrested band members for holding concerts without permits, and they’ve charged some concert organizers with money laundering, according to Saudi musicians and human rights organizations that monitor the oil-rich kingdom.

The threat to the Saudi regime isn’t the music itself, but rather the kingdom’s teenagers and young adults, who have grown up with computers, iPhones and satellite TVs, said human rights advocate Ali Alyami.

“The biggest threat to Saudi stability isn’t Al Qaeda. It’s the Saudi youth. None of their needs or demands are being met.

“There’s no jobs and people can’t date. They see what their counterparts around the world have, and they want it too.”

More than half of the kingdom’s 28 million residents are under 25, and educated and tech-savvy youths who are drawn to the sounds of the West are using Internet tools like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to get their ya-ya’s out.”

The power of western popular culture: Is there anything it can’t do? I predict Iran’s illegitimate government will fail first, but once that happens the Saudi’s are toast.

The kids are all right!

More Laser Awe: Laser Mosquito Zapper

Living in south central Texas as I do, my back yard needs one of these.


Go US: USA Wins the First America’s Cup Face Off

Read it and weep.

“Larry Ellison’s boat USA won a convincing victory on Friday over Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi in the first race of the 2010 America’s Cup off Valencia, Spain.

One more win in the best-of-three series would allow Mr Ellison’s BMW Oracle team to secure the cup from Alinghi, the defender, at the end of a bitter, three-year legal battle that has pitted the two billionaires against each other and excluded teams from other countries such as the UK, China and New Zealand.

The USA trimaran – a lightweight, three-hulled boat – boasted a revolutionary wing larger than the wing of an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet, instead of a conventional sail.

As expected, the wing drove the trimaran fast and close to the wind in the initial upwind leg of 20 nautical miles after an awkward start that left Alinghi with a penalty and USA stalled on the start line.

To the surprise of many sailing experts, however, the BMW Oracle boat also performed better than the two-hulled Alinghi catamaran in the downwind leg to the finish, although the lightness of the wind was expected to favour Alinghi, which is believed to weigh less.”

These aren’t the boats I remember from earlier years, but I still love this race series.

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