Kevin Rudd vs school children: FAIL

The Australian PM has been caught out telling a whole stack of porkies to school kids on a show that aired the other night called Q&A. He was even a bit rattled at points, although that might be the case because the school kids were asking better questions than his propaganda department the media usually do.

Here’s a link to the show, and here’s Andrew Bolt with the whole enchilada.

One thing, but. At least he could get through a sentence without using a teleprompter.

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3 Responses to “Kevin Rudd vs school children: FAIL”

  1. Kevin Rudd vs schoolkids: FAIL « James Board Says:

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  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I think it was the journo Dennis Shanahan (not 100% sure), who described krudd as a prissy pretentious prick, he should have also added patronising, condescending, rude, glass jawed pussy and arsepipe.

  3. Michael Says:

    Insulation Deaths, Over run by Illegal boat people ,School infrastructure mess. Failure on deterring the Japanese on whaling, Food Prices out of control.
    Copenhagen scam.=Money Money Money Fraud Fraud Fraud.
    Kevin Rudd is a fraudulent Charlatan, he has no shame, no conviction, and no credibility! how did we elect such a pompous and shallow prime minister? the billions of tax payer dollars that this phoney government has wasted is a crime! Mr Rudd, you have achieved nothing during your time as Prime Minister of this great country, you should hang your head in shame!

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