Rudd’s scope of works vs a real scope of works

This is for his Building the Education Revolution (BER). The difference is staggering and a big reason why Aussie taxpayers could easily end up paying double the original $14.7 billion announced.

Read the whole enchilada.

2 Responses to “Rudd’s scope of works vs a real scope of works”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Combine the BER and the pink batts farce and we have 4 fatalities and 3.5 billion over budget after only 7 months.

    If i had been this incompetent at my work i’d be in prison, yet the rudd friendly media doesn’t seem to want to know about this. Asshats.

  2. Shelley Says:

    A bit of an update re: our batty minister for house fires, plastic bags, solar shit, and creepy crawlies.

    Now bingbing, if there’s ever been a failest fail this load of expensive policy ashes has got to be it.

    And Garrett by his own standards needs to go!

    “The department’s political masters … have refused in any way whatsoever to take accountability for what has happened.

    …“It is fair to say … that the idea of ministerial responsibility literally went out the window altogether. [Consider] the fate of those who find themselves at the mercy of a government department whose culture … has been described by the words ‘failure’, ‘inexcusable’, ‘catastrophic’, ‘dereliction of duty’, ‘shameful episode’, ‘defying commonsense and decency’ and ‘dehumanised’.”

    That’s Peter Garrett in opposition, calling the government and the Immigration Department to account over (among other things) its treatment of Corneila Rau….

    And Garrett isn’t the only charity case employed as a government minister.

    Our very own minister for snow bunnies and big holes, minister Conroy has let a couple through to the keeper while he was out to lunch, playing golf, or hitting the snowboard.

    Try a staggering $30 mil in bungled broardband expenses for the little Aussie taxpayer because the schedule needed to be kept instead of the minister inconvenienced!

    He probably had a date with a snowboard or golf pro he just couldn’t miss!

    Why Conroy, not Garrett, is the Rudd Government’s problem
    Piers Akerman – Sunday, February 21, 10 in blogs @ The Australian.

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