Go US: USA Wins the First America’s Cup Face Off

Read it and weep.

“Larry Ellison’s boat USA won a convincing victory on Friday over Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi in the first race of the 2010 America’s Cup off Valencia, Spain.

One more win in the best-of-three series would allow Mr Ellison’s BMW Oracle team to secure the cup from Alinghi, the defender, at the end of a bitter, three-year legal battle that has pitted the two billionaires against each other and excluded teams from other countries such as the UK, China and New Zealand.

The USA trimaran – a lightweight, three-hulled boat – boasted a revolutionary wing larger than the wing of an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet, instead of a conventional sail.

As expected, the wing drove the trimaran fast and close to the wind in the initial upwind leg of 20 nautical miles after an awkward start that left Alinghi with a penalty and USA stalled on the start line.

To the surprise of many sailing experts, however, the BMW Oracle boat also performed better than the two-hulled Alinghi catamaran in the downwind leg to the finish, although the lightness of the wind was expected to favour Alinghi, which is believed to weigh less.”

These aren’t the boats I remember from earlier years, but I still love this race series.

9 Responses to “Go US: USA Wins the First America’s Cup Face Off”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Nothing personal troops, but the America Cup has descended into farce since the Ben Lexen designed a boat that kicked arse and it’s been nothing but more rule changes and redesign specs since then. They should just make it a race for 18″ skiffs and have done with it.

    Supercats/super tri’s/maxi monohulls, geez throw me a bone, how about a standard hull and let the best crew show their sailing skills and not the team with the ability to buy the best technology.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I forgot to add, that is a seriously good looking catamaran.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    Yeah, I prefer the traditional yachts myself – and the legal wrangling has been a farce this go round – but I imagine the pendulum will swing back at some point.

  3. Vulture Says:

    Larry Ellison is the devil!

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Rule One: Each competitor to be sailed to the competition site, minimum 1000 nmi, single leg, not more than 4 days, open ocean.

    Rule Two: No poofters.


    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Rule Three: Everyone is called Bruce

      Rule Four: NO Poofters

  5. bingbing Says:

    Yanks, the only reason Australia gives a shit about the America’s Cup is coz we won it back in the 80s. It turns out we cheated, and the PM at the time, Bob Harke had a truly horrendus jacket on.

    But we still won it. And despite your swamp of lawyers, you’ve still never legal mumbo jumboed us on it.

    Now the race is a farce, being run by Poofs.

    BTW. That pic looks like a dog cocking its leg about to take a slash.

  6. Vulture Says:

    Rule 5: no poofters!

  7. PhilJourdan Says:

    It is the America’s Cup!
    Go Larry!
    (Even if Carpe Jugulum is right)

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