New anti-pedophile kit, Kiddarettes

Hot off the new products aisle at PACO corp (all products of a guaranteed quality*)comes the hottest new thing in child safety.

New PACO Molest-Me-Nots kiddarrettes.

More below the fold, borderline NSFW…

Made to burn longer harder and with enhanced afterburn…

Aim for the hogs eye kiddies!!

*(Quality is a nebulous term denoting something our lawyers will work out later on)

Seriously, I dislike smoking, it makes my nose run and I sneeze, but Id be happy to draw the line at equating an activity no-one is forced to do to raping kids.

The moral “betters” need smacking on the nose every now and then by having their public funding removed and see just how many fellow zealots are willing to pony up cash to support their increasingly hysterical campaigns of bansturbation.

Either form yourselves into a single issue party (in essence a lot like this), and see how many of you get elected or piss off. See you wont stop at ciggies, or your life of “goodness” will become meaningless.

Heres the original story. Note the “its all for the Chiiiiilllldren!!! defence used to justify this crap. Have a look at the above ad and comapre it to these, which were castigated as suggestive when they came out.

4 Responses to “New anti-pedophile kit, Kiddarettes”

  1. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    “Don’t smoke kids! It’s like oral sex!” That’ll convince them to stay away.

    btw when did the French decide oral sex was a bad thing?

  2. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    “bansturbation” – An excellent portmanteau I plan on slipping into a conversation as soon as possible.

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Col. Milquetoast

    Im afraid I cant claim any ownership of that great term, I think I first saw it on the Devils site.

  4. bingbing Says:

    Regardless, that bloke must be screaming in agony having a lit cig on his dick.

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