Renewable energy sources don’t work… yet

And here’s why.

The PA Pundit link offers a decent collation of what we know. Wind and solar power might be noble ideas, but nobility alone doesn’t keep my steaks frozen.

Interestingly, there’s a reasonable argument out there as to why some folks, whilst ignoring real dangers such as Islamofacism (not to be confused with the average Muslim going about his or her daily life [I hope!]), prefer instead to project their fears onto something far more intangible, say, global warming aka climate change.

It’s called Freudian displacement.

Now the Left may well argue the opposite, but so far climate change hasn’t blown anyone up or called for changes in Western constitutions.

The US’ political merry-go-round

Fun times.

Here’s a round-up. It includes naked Dems arguing in the shower and Glenn Beck apologising.

Call Chavez a dictator and Sean Penn will have you thrown in jail

It’s the tolerance of the Left I most admire.

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