Climategate hits NASA

According to Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, three out of the four main temperature data sets in the world are irrevocably corrupted or even fabricated. And NASA’s data set can’t really be used because they took their data from CRU (East Anglia), where this whole Climategate mess began. Not only that, there has been significant collusion between climate scientists and reporters to keep the alarmist message on track.

Heck, it’s being argued that NASA themselves knew their data was poor, but did they tell us that?

Pajamas has a few good articles on this. We also see Lord Monckton having a go at the Nature editorial staff, too.

The once-respected science journal Nature recently published a whining editorial to the effect that climate scientists are not criminals, really; that attacks on them by increasingly-skeptical news media are soooo unfair; and that the fundamental science showing that the planet is doomed unless the economies of the West are shut down at once is unchallengeable.

No doubt most climate scientists are not criminals. However, some are. Many of the two dozen Climategate emailers, who have for years driven the IPCC process, tampered with peer review in the learned journals, and fabricated, altered, concealed, or destroyed scientific data are criminals. Whether they or Nature like it or not, they will eventually stand trial, and deservedly so.

Here’s a neat video, too.

Even some who bought the man-made global warming line must surely be having doubts as to whether to rush in gigantic climate taxes.

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Potemkin lives.

First a little background, the term “Potemkin village”, refers to Catherine the Greats tour of her lands, when her royal favourite Field Marshal Potemkin constructed fake thriving towns along her route of travel. Heres a Wiki.

The UK, yesterday.

Fast forward a few hundred years and it appears parts of the UK think it was a great idea.

Fake businesses are to be used to lessen the impact of the recession on high streets in North Tyneside.

According to the story the council has a large number of shop fronts empty due to lack of businesses to run them. Now call me old fashioned but I would have thought the priority for the council would have been attempting to provide a pro-business environment, maybe something as radical as offering a 5 year holiday on council rates, free advertising, rents paid for you for 6 months, or a number of other forms of assistance for real businesses.

But no, whats better than that? Fake shopfronts.

Fake bloody shopfronts, Jesus wept, the best a group of councilors could come up with in response to an economic crisis is the North Korean solution. Where was the councillor who stood up and said “You know, now I think about it, this really is an incredibly stupid idea”.

The government-funded project involves colourful graphic designs featuring a range of different shop types, which are either taped inside the windows or screwed to the fascia so they can be removed and reused as required.

Karen Goldfinch, chair of Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade, said: “It’s an excellent way of promoting how a unit can be used, perhaps inspiring new businesses to come into the town.”

Fake shops for fake people? Well if pedestrian traffic drops a bit more in those areas perhaps they should use the same wonderous logic and place mannequins in the street to simulate people? Or off er fake money to spend at the fake shops?

Seriously, just when you think youve seen the stupidest ideas possible something like this comes along and lowers the bar even further.

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