PETArds strike again

Following on from the unrivalled success of their “sea kittens“, and “milk gone wild” debacles PETA proudly presents the latest in its series of interactive games designed to brainwash stimulate young minds.

Its Based on the popular cooking mama games kids play.

The original

Bur t being PETArds they couldnt let the opportunity go by without their trademark “traumatized a kid to save a mollusk” gore to go with it.

So heres the PETA game Cooking Mama, mama kills animals.

PETArds version

Heres a second game only notable for 2 things. Pamela Anderson being used as a role model and the rather unfortunate double entendre in one of the cut scenes. One of the Mario Brothers hops into a car with the personalised number plates “moustache ride”.

Yes it means what you think it does...

Pams had a few of those…

So heres the second game, an anti-McDonalds platformer. The cut scene in question is just after the first level of the game… I loled

A missed opportunity…

Now this is either the bravest or stupidest man in the world, I angling for stupid myself.

Still it took a lot of balls…

Streaker stuns Crufts judges by running into arena

..As competitors watched the judging of the Gundog group on the fourth day of the canine showcase, the man ran into the arena at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham…

Now I dont know about you but I wouldnt pick a dog show as the perfect place to run around unclothed.

Look out its a FURRY!!!!Look out doggies its a furry!!! (link NSFW)

Mind you if someone had a laser pointer in the crowd it could have been quite amusing..

Nurse, a hand here!

This story might have something to do with why I dont want to be a paramedic anymore…

Sex is not healthcare, union says

Hmmm, like I needed an excuse to go looking for this picture...

A Dutch healthcare union has kicked off a campaign to brace nurses and other caretakers against sexual requests made by patients. Its motto: “I draw the line here”.

..a recent incident between a 42-year old man and his new 24-year-old home caretaker. A muscle disorder has left the man unable to move anything but his mouth and eyes. The man asked his new caretaker, a student, to relief him of his natural urges, saying that his other seven caretakers did the same for him. The young women saw two of her colleagues do so indeed. When she refused, her patient called her unfit for healthcare…


Be careful what you wish for... (one flew over the cuckoos nest)

Now without wanting to be disrespectful to the chap whos obviously doing it hard with his disability, but there are people who will look after that for you, they are called prostitutes. Nurses are there to provide heath care, not hand jobs.

Ive also heard that Nancy Pelosi is willing to slip into a nurses uniform if she thinks it will get Obamacare passed.

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