PETArds strike again

Following on from the unrivalled success of their “sea kittens“, and “milk gone wild” debacles PETA proudly presents the latest in its series of interactive games designed to brainwash stimulate young minds.

Its Based on the popular cooking mama games kids play.

The original

Bur t being PETArds they couldnt let the opportunity go by without their trademark “traumatized a kid to save a mollusk” gore to go with it.

So heres the PETA game Cooking Mama, mama kills animals.

PETArds version

Heres a second game only notable for 2 things. Pamela Anderson being used as a role model and the rather unfortunate double entendre in one of the cut scenes. One of the Mario Brothers hops into a car with the personalised number plates “moustache ride”.

Yes it means what you think it does...

Pams had a few of those…

So heres the second game, an anti-McDonalds platformer. The cut scene in question is just after the first level of the game… I loled

2 Responses to “PETArds strike again”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I think this covers it

  2. bingbing Says:

    Yeah, but what about those evil plant killers, too? Will no one stick up for the rights of plants?!?!

    The soybean, in particular, has been appallingly maligned.

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