Karl Winn, Uberdouche

Check out the form on this moral midget

A programme which attempts to place ex soldiers in work sent an enquiry to this company, Webeurope net design, received the following dismissal from the walking excrement that is its owner.

I prefer child molesters, or rapists...

Boss Karl Winn would rather hire paedophiles than former soldiers


Winn, a former social worker, replied: “Personally, I’d rather recruit ex-drug dealers, convicts and even child molesters rather than consider anybody who has been in the pay of the British Government

“Anybody who has been in the pay of such a military force, and by their silence and complicity has condoned such illegal and immoral actions while accepting a monthly blood-stained pay-packet, certainly will not be considered for employment by us!

“Please remove us from your email list. Regards, Karl.”

After the sentient turd saw how this might blow up he attempted to clarify the matter, by blaming it on someone else,

From the sun newspaper

Winn tried to deny he wrote the email when The Sun first challenged him. He blamed a “disgruntled” worker he sacked, who had managed to hack into his personal email.

But confronted by further emails between him and the FRS he caved in and admitted he had written them – but refused to apologise.
So he used the truth as the last resort, how….something of him.

Ex-pedophiles and drug addicts who have been charged and paid the price for their actions deserve a chance to get on with their lives. In my opinion, military personnel who have got away with murder do not,” he said.

“I will therefore continue with my blanket ban on employing ex-military personnel. I understand this will affect innocent as well as guilty people.”


Mind you hes not hiding it anymore, heres from his own business website.

Karl Winn, Webeurope’s founder and principal owner, has for many years supported numerous organisations (NGO’s), such organisations include: –

  • The International Human Rights Network – Supporting others in applying Human Rights Based Approaches to UN Agencies, countries, and organisations.
  • Film Makers Against War – FAW seeks to educate and raise awareness of UK and international war law
  • Art and Sacred Places – Encourages the interaction of art and religion by commissioning artists to make work in sacred places.
  • Relatives for Justice – A northern Ireland based organisation that supports and campaigns on behalf of the families of the 367 men, women, and children, who have been killed by members of the British Military and Police services. The campaign seeks to bring the perpetrators of such killings before the courts.


Now far from being vindictive Im merely going to post this fellows business details in an attempt to drum up more business for him. Let it not be said Im encouraging anyone to spam his inbox with pictures of white feathers, much like the ones under the fold….

Webeurope (Taunton) Ltd
17 Cornishway East, Taunton, Somerset TA1 5LZ
Telephone: 01823 338888
Fax: 01823 338877


I realise white feathers arent entirely appropriate, but what I would like to send this bloke would probably dry out and go white before it reached the UK.

35 Responses to “Karl Winn, Uberdouche”

  1. Mr. Bingley Says:

    wow, what a total douchebag.

  2. James Says:

    It would be beneficial to contact the clients of Mr. Winn to let them know of his opinions.

    I did a WHOIS of the webeurope site.

    It uses 2 servers:

    Using those, and doing a reverse IP look up here:

    gives about 50 businesses that use the webeurope servers.

    These businesses can be contacted by phone or email to let them become informed of Mr. Winn’s policies regarding our citizens who serve in the military.

    • Andy Says:

      I’ve just searched his domain servers, on his main DNS server he actually hosts 134 websites

      Anyway, here is the full list

      1 Acadtech.co.uk
      2 Acornkitchens.co.uk
      3 Afbmotorcycles.co.uk
      4 Aircompressorservices.co.uk
      5 Aiscc.co.uk
      6 Albertgoodman.co.uk
      7 Alh-systems.co.uk
      8 Alphaliftingservices.co.uk
      9 Americancivilwar.org.uk
      10 Amsdrains.co.uk
      11 Asandi.co.uk
      12 Asbestos-surveys-uk.co.uk
      13 Asbestosuk.net
      14 Astoncoachesltd.com
      15 Audreydaw.com
      16 Autotrimdev.com
      17 Avondoors.co.uk
      18 Bellsdiner.com
      19 Bhautobodies.co.uk
      20 Blackrockoutdoors.co.uk
      21 Boddingtonkoi.com
      22 Bongoutdeli.co.uk
      23 Bottleman.co.uk
      24 Bstaccessories.co.uk
      25 Bstbathrooms.co.uk
      26 Bwrefrigeratedcouriers.co.uk
      27 Camcomdigital.co.uk
      28 Catcottgarage.co.uk
      29 Charterhousedebtrecovery.co.uk
      30 Cirencestergarden.co.uk
      31 Cktengineering.com
      32 Cleaningenterprise.com
      33 Companionshaven.co.uk
      34 Countyroofing.com
      35 Courtdesign.co.uk
      36 David-osborne.com
      37 Designflooringltd.co.uk
      38 Downsviewguesthouse.co.uk
      39 Economysaab.co.uk
      40 Edenvaleturf.co.uk
      41 Emmdee-electrical.com
      42 Express-bearings.co.uk
      43 Faginsantiques.com
      44 Fenrowdesigns.com
      45 Fire-risk-assessment-uk.co.uk4
      6 Firesurveys.com
      47 Fivefuriousfish.co.uk
      48 Forestproduce.com
      49 Ggauk.com
      50 Goodintents.co.uk
      51 Gtbs.co.uk
      52 Helpwithmypool.co.uk
      53 Helpwithyourdog.co.uk
      54 Hintonvauxhall.co.uk
      55 Hometexcoatings.co.uk
      56 Hotel-collingwood.co.uk
      57 Imagingequipment.co.uk
      58 Isgreenhouses.co.uk
      59 Janssensgreenhouses.co.uk
      60 Josephkinginteriors.co.uk
      61 Justvans.net
      62 Limitedadditions.co.uk
      63 Longengineering.co.uk
      64 Markcoray.co.uk
      65 Masterplumb.com
      66 Matrixshopfitters.com
      67 Mcmarmilloyd.co.uk
      68 Metropolis-security.com
      69 Michaelmckevitt.com
      70 Mullenspaper.co.uk
      71 Musgroveflowers.co.uk
      72 Mwmlimited.com
      73 Osbornesbigman.co.uk
      74 Oswaldmosley.com
      75 Overndaleschool.co.uk
      76 Paintballbristol.co.uk
      77 Parsons-landscapes.co.uk
      78 Paving4you.co.uk
      79 Pbdesign.co.uk
      80 Pearcebrosmobility.co.uk
      81 Peterstunt.co.uk
      82 Pixel-ink.co.uk
      83 Polhamcontrols.co.uk
      84 Powred.com
      85 Powredheating.com
      86 Powredheatingcomponents.com
      87 Principalmortgagesuk.co.uk
      88 Printwaste.co.uk
      89 Protelcomms.co.uk
      90 Quantabiotech.com
      91 Redlandtimber.com
      92 Redstoneabrasives.co.uk
      93 Rembroidery.co.uk
      94 Sanddservices.co.uk
      95 Sarahhodge.co.uk
      96 Scoffieldbuildingsurveying.com
      97 Sitsmart.co.uk
      98 Sjrshopfitting.co.uk
      99 Skidmoresltd.co.uk
      100 Somersetwhitelining.co.uk
      101 Somersetwillow.co.uk
      102 Standrewspress.co.uk
      103 Stockmans.co.uk
      104 Swingrite.co.uk
      105 Tauntonavservices.co.uk
      106 Tauntonmailing.co.uk
      107 Tauntonminibuses.co.uk
      108 Taylorplant.com
      109 Techniglaze.co.uk
      110 Tekseating.co.uk
      111 Thebikesparesshop.co.uk
      112 Thefurniturestudio.com
      113 Therealalicesbearshop.co.uk
      114 Thermaltechnology.co.uk
      115 Theroyaloakinnluxborough.co.uk
      116 Theword-magazine.co.uk
      117 Tkservices.co.uk
      118 Towens.co.uk
      119 Tpslimited.com
      120 Unicorntraining.net
      121 Uniscopeeuro.co.uk
      122 Valelabels.co.uk
      123 Velvetenergy.com
      124 Webeurope.co.uk
      125 Westernflooring.co.uk
      126 Westernfuel.co.uk
      127 Westnewtonfarm.co.uk
      128 Westnewtonfruit.co.uk
      129 Wickerwillowcoffins.co.uk
      130 Woodlands-hotel.co.uk
      131 Woodsthestationers.co.uk
      132 Bredons.co.uk
      133 Northstreetgarage.co.uk
      134 Vipvideoservices.co.uk

  3. onepointsixoneeight Says:

  4. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    It’s a shame they had to fight for that kind of ‘freedom’ for him to say that.

  5. Mat Says:

    I wonder if this clown knew he was only a couple of miles down the road from a Royal Marines Commando unit when he said that. I bet he keeps a low profile for a while. Looks a bit like a paedo anyway so no wonder he’d rather hire them.

  6. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    What.the.fuck………………that man needs a kick in the nuts………arsepipe

  7. DErp Says:

    Soldiers are fucking garbage. Karl is awesome.
    How mature and professional of you pieces of shit to try cyberstalk/harass him. Grow up, kids. Grow up.

    Karl deserves a cash prize for this efforts. Soldiers are murderers. IEDs are beautiful. Nuff said.

  8. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    If someone wants to buy me a tshirt from the navy seal shop they can.

  9. Jase Says:

    Mr Karl Winn can also be found at pumpkin-media.co.uk and easycms.co.uk

    He has been outed on his local newspaper website as irish republican.

    • Giles Says:

      Winn is not only the host of oswaldmosley.com but he is also the webmaster “on behalf of the Friends of Oswald Mosley”. Also missing from his list of clients is stevenbooks.co.uk which is also hosted by Webeurope. This is a neo-nazi site.
      A domain name search reveals that stevenbooks is indeed hosted by Webeurope.

  10. thefrollickingmole Says:


    Nice find, have you got a link we can put in to update the post with please…

    • Giles Says:

      Here is the WHOIS search result:

      Domain name:

      Steven Books

      Registrant type:
      UK Sole Trader

      Registrant’s address:
      17 Cornishway East
      TA1 5LZ
      United Kingdom

      Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-Reg.co.uk [Tag = 123-REG]
      URL: http://www.123-reg.co.uk

      Relevant dates:
      Registered on: 15-Nov-2007
      Renewal date: 15-Nov-2011
      Last updated: 08-Jan-2010

      Registration status:
      Registered until renewal date.

      Name servers:

      WHOIS lookup made at 14:00:30 21-Mar-2010

  11. Manny Says:

    Stick the postcode TA1 5LZ into GoogleEarth and have a look at street view. Shows the webeurope offices before the signs were removed.

  12. FunkyGibbon Says:

    Brilliant job guys. He’s already being spammed. Forces reunited, where I’m from, are going crazy about this piece of s**t. Useful info about Mosley and Books. Might let The Sun newspaper know about that, they love stuff like that! Cheers for the info guys.

    • Giles Says:

      I have visited forcesreunited.org.uk and seen the ongoing campaign. I am an ex-serviceman, myself.
      Karl Winn’s connection with the Friends of Oswald Mosley certainly requires some press attention. That and his hosting of a neo-nazi books site. Good luck with it.
      You get a fuller picture of the man and his preference for paedophiles. Has anyone pointed out that paedophiles are never ‘cured’ and some are in and out of prison all their lives, costing us a fortune in care?
      So where does Winn get the idea they have paid for their crimes? It is more like the victims are paying.

  13. FunkyGibbon Says:

    Giles just take the example of Roy Whiting, who killed Sarah Payne 8yrs old in 2000, was caught recently with a shed load of cuttings from papers of her in his cell!

    • Giles Says:

      Precisely. They are incurable. Which is why I ask how Karl Winn can possibly claim these paedophiles have “paid the price” after serving a prison sentence.
      I suspect there is something very incurable about Karl Winn.

  14. bingbing Says:

    Jase, Giles, FunkyGibbon, Manny… awesome work. Thank you.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      dudes i stand in awe………..i’ll be going to those links to register my protest and have my voice heard…………well done those men/women

  15. jase Says:

    Karl Winns interest in Oswald Mosley will be down to the fact that he believed Ireland should be united. Anti british karl winn obviously likes Mr Mosley for wanting that.

    • Giles Says:

      Karl Winn e-mail, November 10, 2010:
      “You are aware however that unlike yourself I have 3 generations, and a good dozen family members who were all associated with OM from the 1930’s, many of whom made great sacrifices for the movement both pre and post war, including (in the case of Larry Robinson – my uncle) imprisonment under 18b. My grandfather TY Nicol, attached to BUF HQ (Publicity) was responsible for the great Earl’s Court meeting. Both my parents stood as UM candidates, and all close family members had the honour of knowing all of the leading figures in the movement including OM and Diana. Robert Row, Jeffrey Hamm, etc for many years”.

    • Giles Says:

      Indeed he does. I believe he has family connections.

    • Giles Says:

      His father, Arthur Winn, was a Blackshirt.

  16. Giles Says:

    Actually, both his parents were supporters of Oswald Mosley. He claimed in an e-mail that he set up the oswaldmosley.com site in memory of his mother.
    In an e-mail on November 10, 2010 he wrote:
    “You are aware however that unlike yourself I have 3 generations, and a good dozen family members who were all associated with OM from the 1930’s, many of whom made great sacrifices for the movement both pre and post war, including (in the case of Larry Robinson – my uncle) imprisonment under 18b. My grandfather TY Nicol, attached to BUF HQ (Publicity) was responsible for the great Earl’s Court meeting. Both my parents stood as UM candidates, and all close family members had the honour of knowing all of the leading figures in the movement including OM and Diana. Robert Row, Jeffrey Hamm, etc for many years”.

  17. Secret Squirrel Says:

    Freedom of speech – my bollocks !
    You brit army wankers say one thing in public, then do the complete opposite when you can get away with it.

    How many body-bags have you received back from sand land this month you wankstains ? :o)

  18. Giles Says:

    Secret Squirrel sounds remarkably like Karl Winn who now runs another website at http://britisharmykillings.org.uk
    His main theme? Those civilians killed by the British Army, RUC and UDA in Northern Ireland, although Winn refers to ‘Ireland’.
    Not one victim of IRA terrorism is mentioned by Winn.
    This is what Secret Squirrel means when he attacks the British Army. He is a hypocrite.
    At the foot of his site he makes no secret of who runs it – Karl Winn who hates British ex-servicemen.

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