The Only Thing Black at the Coffee Parties is… the Coffee

You know how the leftards are always harping on the TEA Parties being nothing but angry racist whites? Well…

Take a look at the Coffee Party Flickr photos. Note the profound lack of diversity: Virtually nothing but middle aged whites. Why, they must be racists!

Meanwhile, Alfonzo Rachael was a keynote speaker at a TEA Party rally recently.


2 Responses to “The Only Thing Black at the Coffee Parties is… the Coffee”

  1. ozzieaussie Says:

    Coffee Party USA = CPUSA = Communist Party USA. their posters say it all –

    Economic justice for all means that if you earn $100 the government will take it away and give it to the drug addict who earns nothing.

    • bingbing Says:

      Essentially yes.

      I admired the Tea Party woman on Letterman who used to spend her time, in part at least, helping people who at the time couldn’t help themselves be self sufficient.

      It’s funny. The North Korean ideal of Juche means self reliance. Guess it’s all about balance.

      Fun times. Pendulums and all that jazz.

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