Challenge issued

Re a current debate: (see comments)

:I am sad vs et. al. to comment about the good in each other and each other’s cultures:

et. al. has to write something positive about Muslims and specifically Arabs.

“I am sad” (and/or co.) has to write something good about the West and about Israel.

– and, preferably, keep the dialogue flowing.

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12 Responses to “Challenge issued”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    The Arabs did a splendid job of copying from other civilizations and cultures, and claiming such as their own: “Arabic numbers”, et al.


  2. Vulture Says:

    The Semitic peoples of the Middle East have provided a rich tapestry of contributions to our world. When one thinks of the amazing civilization built by the Egyptians during a historical era in which my own ancestors hadn’t quite mastered personal hygene, let alone the concept of “cities”, one has to stand and salute in admiration.

    The discovery of massive quantities of oil in the Middle East has generated massive amounts of wealth in the region; some countries – the Emirates, for example – have done a bang-up job of discovering new and innovative ways to flaunt this affluence. Good on ’em, says I.

    Because the flip side of that kind of wealth is the “spending” engaged in by the Saudis: exporting Wahhabi’ism.

    For all of the potential good one could gain from practicing Islam – and I won’t deny that an honest, sincere person could accomplish that – the practices of Wahhabi’ism destroy any goodwill those good, honest adherents might generate.

    Still, the best people judge and are judged not through groups, but through individuals. Were I to meet “I am sad”, I would not prejudge – I would determine for myself if this individual is a person whose insights and ideals merit consideration. I trust “I am sad” would extend the same courtesy to me.

  3. 1.6 Says:

    Islam invented the first toothbrush used from a tooth cleaning substance called meswak. Muhammad Ali was a famous muslim boxer.

    Jesus was a Jew. He turned to into a famous Christian.

    During the Middle Ages, Jews were generally better treated by Islamic rulers than Christian ones.

    Jews invented the Teiglach, traditionally served on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which consists of little balls of dough (about the size of a marble) drenched in a honey syrup. Ingberlach are ginger candies shaped into small sticks or rectangles. George Burns was a Jew. He starred as God once in a movie.

  4. I am sad Says:

    Mmmm,can I say what I Like about west and westerns in the current time?I hope you dont get me wrong(my intentions are good) but I can’t talk about the west in the past because as I said in the last thread it has no history like china,Greece,Egypt,India,Iraq.

    And to Heinriches,I don’t want to debat with you but your informations are wrong.Arabs are the first to invent numbers and Greeks are the one that copied it from us.the first number to ever been invented is ‘sephr’ and then Greeks took it and named it ‘zephron’ and from there the word ‘zero’ was invented.I am pretty good at history and know country’s civilizations well and read alot about them and as I said also before,western sites invert history and write everything about Arabs wrong,just read any article about the Middle ages on the Internet,you will notice that no one talks about Arabs in that doomed era and all what they talk about is how the western culture pulled itself from those dark centuries and ‘The Renisance’ and the role of education and Church in the advancment of Western culture.
    If you want to know the proper history,search the historic Arabic sites and use google translation and read the real story about this era.

  5. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    “I am pretty good at history and know country’s civilizations well and read alot about them …”

    Try to not be so clueless; you have never read such from sources without an Arab butterknife to whet. There are no “historic Arabic sites” to visit, there is no objective Arab history, Islam is a Judeo-Christain heretical cult, the Koran wasn’t written down until well after Mohammad’s death, and then it was written in a Syriac dialect, etc. Edward Said was a turncoat.

    And the Irish saved Western Civilization.


  6. missred Says:

    excellent, jm

  7. I am sad Says:

    I am done here,as they say’ignorance is a bliss’.

    Don’t email me again bingbing

    • Kaboom Says:

      I am sad that you are leaving us….. but, take this with you:

      We never say that “ignorance is a bliss”.

    • Vulture Says:

      I believe I have learned enough about “I am Sad” to now make a definitive pronouncement: he’s a crybaby.

      No prejudging required.

    • bingbing Says:

      I guess JM’s “and the Irish saved Western Civilization” got lost in translation.

  8. update Says:

  9. Arse Bandit Says:


    JM saved the niggahs civilation and the zimbabwean culture.. 🙂

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