So it turns out it WAS Islamic terrorists who bombed the Moscow subway


The terrorist leader of a group of Islamist insurgents in the Caucuses claims that his al Qaeda linked group was behind the Moscow subway bombings. This should erase all that “doubt” in the media about who just murdered 29 Russian civilians.

I’m sure laser-guided bombing is on top of Vladimir’s list of prorities.

Head’s up, Osama: Attack the Chinese. Hey, even you yourself said America’s star is waning, China’s the next dog. So go on. Better… oh, no, wait, you’re already fucking with India, too.

Dickhead. US, China, India, and Russia. All against you, thanks to you. I’m no grand chess master at, er, chess. But, Mr laden, but…?

Does the UN Security Council dish out guidelines for the next Gordon Ramsey recipe?


2 Responses to “So it turns out it WAS Islamic terrorists who bombed the Moscow subway”

  1. Mr. T Says:

    Then who targeted the South Korean ship then ? I think it was the US so they can have an excuse to wage a war againts the North… Nice tactics isn’t it ? Old American style.. =D

    • bingbing Says:

      That’s total bullshit. They found the North’s serial numbers on the torpedo fragments. No one’s about to wage war against the North. You should get out more.

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