Dear Mr Conroy #3 Internet filter shennanigans

Why Mr Conroy wants to ban the internet... That which has been seen, cannot be unseen!

Im again writing to ask you to make a decision Im obviously unqualified to make

There is some controversy over which is better for games PCs or consoles.

If PCs are better can you ban the apple ones, as everyone knows it was an apple that caused the downfall of man after Eve ate one. Therefore Steve Jobs is obviously a Satanist and therefore a threat to right minded people everywhere.

If on the other hand its consoles can you just specify the one platform and prevent them from making new/improved models. If the Atari was good enough for me in the 80s then its obvious the more new fangled ones ane just unnecessary luxury. And as unnecessary luxury comes close to the sin of gluttony it must be banned.

With ALL due respect….

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2 Responses to “Dear Mr Conroy #3 Internet filter shennanigans”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Senator Conroy;

    Knowing better than me (as you do) the mole has raised an interesting point with gaming consoles. Lady Jugulum likes the Wii fit but when she jumps around there is a bit of sweat, boob and nipple action occouring.

    Will this make me some form of depraved sexual predator and should i avoid social situations that involve breasts?

    This is important as i’ve been invited to Hooters for drinks after work next Friday and i fear my carnal lust from watching Lady jugulum using the Wii fit may cause me to sin.

    Your guidance is appreciated as i’m just a wretch who is not fit to walk amongst the good, clean people. Thank you for making these difficult decisions for me.

  2. Vulture Says:

    Senator Conroy,

    The PC makes me think impure thoughts. But I’m not Australian. Should I still feel bad, and should I submit to some sort of re-education regimen?

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