Dear Minister #4, more clean feed fun.

If only.

Again a short note to ask your advice on a matter I cant possibly be trusted to make myself.

Should I dry myself with towels?

Theoretically when I step out of the shower Im clean, surely wiping myself with the towel that has been hanging up all day is unhygienic?

I thought of maybe using the hair dryer instead, but hold it too close to certain areas and it stings a bit. Also the thought of holding it anywhere near my chocolate starfish is a bit creepy.

So should I just drip dry or continue to use a towel.

If I use a towel how many days can I use it for, I think only a week. I also think that you should ban anyone using a towel for more than a week in their own best interests.

 With ALL due respect.

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2 Responses to “Dear Minister #4, more clean feed fun.”

  1. Vince Schultz Says:

    Thinking about all the things I like about Rudd.. .


    Ok, I give up..

  2. Sandi Says:

    That picture is from ’84? Nothing changes. Twerp then, twerp now.

    Towells. When No. 1 son was about 15, he decided that he MUST have a fresh towell every DAY. I told him that’s kool because from now on he’d be doing the washing, drying, folding and putting-away of all the towells, sheets, pillowcases etc for the entire household. Then he decided that one towell per week would be just fine.

    I tried to think of ANYTHING. Nup. Couldn’t find ANYthing.

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