Dear Minister Cleenfeed #5 Adults only version


Mr Conroy hard at it. Those books wont burn themselves you know.

Under the page, an adult topic but no piccies.

Squirting or non squirting?

It has come to my attention that one of the targets for your banning is so called “female ejaculation” porn.

From my understanding you believe this to be urine and therefore a bad thing. However when my missus does it the flavor varies quite a bit, and she makes a point of going to the toilet before we start. Is it possible you are conflating a porno depiction with an actual real thing? If that’s the case then you may be disappointed to note average penis size is actually under 10”, and a lot of ladies don’t really like it up the blurter.

My missus does “squirt” on occasion, we didn’t see it on a porno or anything, so will you be banning her reaching a height of sexual ecstasy unlike anything she had felt before in the interests of saving the chiiiilden?

If it is to be banned can you surgically excise the small patch on the inside wall of her vagina that invariably causes this to happen, or will you just pass a regulation barring me from touching that spot?

In one respect it would be good, because it would save on laundry expenses.

So my question is, regulate my sex life or surgical intervention, Id prefer surgery if possible as this would lessen the chance I might do something in the privacy of my own home that you object to. I believe some cultures already have the problem in hand by arranging this to be done at an early age.

With ALL due respect…

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