Crazy dog man!

It’s good to see suburban Australia still has well-balanced chaps like this on in it.

Ht: Shadowlands

UK Labour want to lose the election, Proof!

I can’t see how anyone thought the UK Labour party wants to win the election based on their campaign launch and their new advertising.

Heres their manifesto lauch presentation.

FFS crudely drawn Mr Men as your pitch to voters? The nose candy must be flowing at party HQ for this to have seemed like a good idea.

Now onto the main campaign ad, grey grim, meant to show a chap “on the right road” in the face of adversity, FFS its even got the old Dr Who doing the voiceover at the end, what could go wrong?

2:42 of earnest grimness….

Now funnily enough a spoof of this sprang to mind straight up, and withing about 4 hours after i saw the original someone had made it up already.

30 seconds to demolish the first ad.

Now to their rather foolish “Quattro ad”, where they took a stab at linking Cameron to a popular, but politically incorrect character from the TV series “Ashes to Ashes” (which is quite good IMHO).

Their ad

The Tories version

When your own advertising is this bad its hard to escape the idea that UK Labour want to lose the election so they don’t have to fix their own mess. Theres serious cut in spending which HAVE to be made, and I think many are much more comfortable with the idea of sniping from the opposition benches rather than having to wear the odium fixing their stuff ups will bring.

Dear Mr Conroy #6


Mr Conroy, and his new friend...


Again Im having a little trouble deciding an action. Can you in your all encompassing wisdom help me out again. 

Boxers or jocks? 

I have no great bias either way, but if you decide Jocks can you please ban ones that are too tight, or made of no-breathing material? Nylon undies can be a bit like steaming the goolies if the temp is a bit high, so I think a ban is in order. 

With ALL due respect…

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