Hitler reacts to Hitler’s Downfall’s downfall

You’ve probably heard of the Hitler’s Downfall parodies being removed from YouTube by now.

Well Adolf isn’t happy!

Watch it while you still can.


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Random image dump, cutest cat in the world?

Just a bunch of pics I havent found an excuse to post before, indulge me…

So cute you'll puke.


Cant they both lose?


Just wrong


Evo and the gay chickens.

Bolivian nutbag-for-life Evo Morales has shown just how good his grasp of science and reality is at a Glowbull warming conference being held  as a pre-Mexico warm up for the next attempt to pass a global tax in the guise of emissions laws.

First his least nutjob statement.

The Bolivian president also suggested that European food made men go bald.

So food makes you go bald, not genetics, disease or other factors…food…

Now for his most nutjob statement.

“Bolivia’s opposition and homosexual groups criticised comments made by Mr Morales at the first “people’s conference” on climate change the previous day, in which he said chicken producers inject birds with female hormones and “when men eat those chickens, they experience deviances in being men.”

So homosexuality is caused by hormonal chickens, thanks for clearing that up Evo…

Only one little problem with Evos rant.

Currently there are no approved growth hormones for chicken and pork. So all chicken and pork products on the market are hormone-free.

and another.

The US department of agriculture has given permission to use six hormones that can be used for cattle but not in the poultry

I think Evo protests a little too much, after all isnt his country a major beef producer? And according to those 2 links chicken isnt approved for hormone injection, but cattle are.

Maybe Evo needs to be worried about bull cows rather than bull dykes?

Evos nightmare.

A challenger appears!

Full story here.

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