Hurt feelings report needed stat!

One of our local shiftbosses is copping a bit of flack over some comments he made on facebook. Hes down the road at KCGM, one of WAs bigger gold producers.

Heres a sample from the news article.

“Good old KCGM made the front pages of the (Kalgoorlie) Miner Saturday, apparently the place is full of bullyboys, fancy that, upsetting the kids with bullyboy tactics … me, I can hardly see the keyboard because of all the tears coming out of my eyes because someone once told me to harden up or f..k off, for f..k’s sake someone give me a hurt feelings report so I can fill it in and run to the union and my member for Parliament.”

Now its not to be disputed he was a little harsh, outside of work, but now a Greens State parliamentarian and the union are using this as a way to generate a bit of business for themselves.

These girls blouses should know better. The greenie because he lives in the area, and a union rep, whining about harsh language?? hahahaha!

Still the golden rule was broken, dont write anything you may regret on the net unless its under a false name!

One Response to “Hurt feelings report needed stat!”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Try this:


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