Eric Northman, True Bloods main attraction


Im a bit of a fan of the show, whats not to like outlandish concept, boobies, vampires, boobies, shapeshifters boobies, and violence. Did I also mention it has some nudity in it?

My other half is rather enamoured by this chap

Eric Northman.

Funny she hated him at first when he had long hair, then he scrubbed up a bit and she thinks hes sex on legs. Luckily for me I bear a strong resemblance to the bloke… in the dark.

It is a fun sort of show, they manage to mix the sex/horror/humour well.

More Eric goodness under the fold

This clip gives you a good idea of the humour in the show.

This shirt makes sense if youve seen the show!

Dont know why I bother, D will never put clothes ON him...

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One Response to “Eric Northman, True Bloods main attraction”

  1. bingbing Says:

    There was a void after Buffy left the screens.

    Lady bingbing likes Ghost whisperer. I can put up with it. It’s got Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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