Massive government waste. Climate edition.

I was reading this post over at catallaxy when a thought popped into my head. Just how big are the offices the Department of Climate Change leased?

Heres the graphic outlining the new jobs advertised for the department, despite its lack of activity at the moment.

$1.65 million, quite a bit if they employ 30 as projected.

Heres what Ive found out about the offices for the Department of Climate Change

Link: Here.

THE Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has leased a 21,000 square metre office in Canberra, paying a whopping annual rent of between $420 and $450 per square metre.

At the lower rate of the lease thats $8.8 million a year, at the higher $9.45 million. The Molonglo groups own “news” page mentions 2 new leases, one to the ATO and one to the climate change department. It is a little unclear on the length of the lease but suggests it is 15 years.

That puts the cost at about $132,000,000. over the term of the lease.

The lease was signed on the 18/03/2010.

I signed a lease Thiiiis long!

The government employers will work from picturesque space adjacent to Lake Burley Griffin, at a $550 million development being built by the Molonglo Group on the site of the former Hotel Acton.

The government body’s headquarters will be known as the New Acton Nishi office.


Heres some of the blurb from the residential side of the development. From the blurb the office space will be just as flash.

Nishi will incorporate a cutting edge public gallery / ‘Great Ideas’ Atrium of Sustainability, shops, cafes and public amenities, including a sake bar, multi-function communal spaces for hosting dinners, meeting with friends and relatives, or ‘hanging’ out.
The government already leases space in another office building developed by Molonglo at an earlier stage of the site’s redevelopment, according to The Australian.

This is in no way a shot at the development group, they are building their office space to meet the market, good for them.

Though they are fairly intensely “greenwashing” their business.

But for Turdfingers Rudd to commit to a 15 year lease on the 18/03/2010, just before abandoning the carbon pollution reduction scheme beggars belief. Will they break the lease, causing the developer a lot of heartache, or will they keep the Potemkin department runing?

2 Responses to “Massive government waste. Climate edition.”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Lovely. Fancy storage for obsolite chair warmers. That’ll end homeless and unemployment in Australia.

  2. blankey Says:

    Whoops! CO2 has almost nothing to do with global warming, discovers top US meteorologist

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