Kevin Rudd, on the nose in Kalgoorlie.

I was in Kalgoorlie last night with the missus and boy so he could attend his graduation ball (yes, we have our ball way before the end of the year, for reasons unknown). After we embarrassed him by taking multiple photos we went for a meal/movie/walk around Kal. (D managed to fit in being bitten by a dog as well)

In the centre of Kal is an intersection with 3 pubs, one of them “The Palace” has a “ticker tape” mounted under the balcony which usually shows the various prices of the different metals mined in the area, as well as some share prices for the various companies.

Tonight was different.

It appears Kevin and his “super unemployment in the mining industry Tax” are a little on the nose.

“D” took a short clip of the ticker as it listed Mr Rudds more popular achievements.

Heres the results of part of a survey companies questions of the resource tax. As you can see its the Greens and Labour that think its a wonderful idea overall.

This tax appears to play straight to Labors heartland/greens voters, hardly the most likely to be resources workers. The Nationals did surprise me a little, there are some strong anti-miner sections in that group.


Speaking with the blokes on my  mine site I can Honestly say Rudd in on a hiding here in WA. The systematic shafting of our major industry, on top of a reduction in our GST share in the same year is toxic for his party.

7 Responses to “Kevin Rudd, on the nose in Kalgoorlie.”

  1. brianwalsh Says:

    Yeah, the Rudd is running out of puff.

  2. Shelley Says:

    lol. Good stuff.

  3. Merilyn Williams Says:

    Gee I am slow, just realised it is a video, well done, [kept looking at it wondering what the joke was then saw the control] heh, it is good.

  4. Mick Gold Coast QLD Says:

    ‘zat you Merilyn? Sat there not knowing you’ve got to press the button? I am ashamed of you, lass!!!!

  5. Merilyn Williams Says:

    I’ll go stand in the corner for five minutes Mick, with head bowed!!!!!

  6. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    … moving pictures are so passé, wait till we get the talkies.
    And Norma Jean …


  7. body fat Says:

    Rudd hasn’t explained what he expects states such as W.A. to do with their royalty scheme. Obviously, they need to cease if the mining tax is to proceed. So, why would W.A. give it up….for the good of the Commonwealth??? I think not!

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