The case for death, Narkle should die.

This man (and I use the term loosely indeed) is one of the worst scum ever to walk Western Australia’s streets. Over the years he has been convicted of over a dozen rapes and sexual assaults on women, children and men. The vast majority of his crimes have been committed while on probation and he has spent nearly half his life in jail. 30 years of rape and sexual assaults and he still walks the earth

Heres his latest outrage.

ACCUSED sex offender Garry Narkle took a sickly homeless man back to his caravan and supplied him with drugs and alcohol before raping him throughout the night, a Perth judge has heard.

In addition hes the chap who’s conduct over the last 30 years has been so bad the law has been amended (unsuccessful) to keep him detained.

In August last year, 50-year-old Gary Narkle was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to indecently touching a 46-year-old woman in an Armadale delicatessen in 2005.

With his prison tats obscured by makeup, he looks quite different.

He has worked out a “style” of attack now, he often targets the mentally ill, mentally handicapped or substance abusers. This serves 2 purposes.

A: They are probably least likely to report the assault

B: When they get to court his pond scum lawyers will claim the victims evidence isnt reliable. In effect he has been given a “pool” of people he can assault without fear of being caught.

Heres a TV special transcript on repeat offenders where he features heavily.

ROSS COULTHART: Former policeman Wayne Goodsell investigated Narkle for the attack on Grace 20 years ago. He has watched on in despair as Narkle has continually been released from jail, only to reoffend.

WAYNE GOODSELL, FORMER WA POLICE DETECTIVE: We are putting one person, his liberty, in front of two million people in Western Australia. Now, that doesn’t equate to me.

ROSS COULTHART: Because you’re that convinced he will offend again?

WAYNE GOODSELL: Absolutely. Have no questions whatsoever. Look me in the eye, I can assure you, he will offend again.

ROSS COULTHART: Within weeks of us interviewing Grace and Wayne Goodsell, new allegations were made against 50-year-old Narkle. In May, Gary Narkle was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in the car park of a church, here in Armidale. He was also later charged with indecently assaulting a 46-year-old woman, in February.


ROSS COULTHART: In WA, serial rapist Gary Narkle walked free last year because his 14th known victim declined to testify against him for a fourth time. Earlier this year, we met his first victim, the woman he raped 20 years ago.

‘GRACE’, RAPE VICTIM: I have no doubt in my mind that he will continue to get more and more violent and I’m terrified that one day that he will kill.

I have a personal interest in this case for a couple of reasons. Around 12 years ago I was working in the secure unit of WA major psychiatric hospital “graylands” I was there as part of the immigration departments duty of care to a detainee who had been committed. While there Mr Narkle was admitted having had a breakdown of some sort in Prison.

He looked just like his photos, hes tiny, wiry and wouldnt last long in a fight against anyone “normal” size.

By that stage I had been asked to “blend in” with the patients on the ward, as my uniform had made a few nervous, so I was by that stage being paid to wear civvies and read a book all day in the common room of the clinic. I may have blended in a little to well as on one occasion one of the staff offered me sedatives around medication time….

Anyway back to Narkle. He had been buzzing around the ward talking to various people when he sat down and began to talk to me. It was like looking into a maggot filled basin of brains.

He told me how “good little girls are”, how “they all loved it when he did them”, that “he could get any girl he liked”, and so on.

I have a habit of letting people continue talking  when they start, regardless of what they are on about, its a good way of learning what makes people tick. But I could only stomach about 10 minutes of Narkle before I stood up over him and told him “If you dont fuck off away from me now Im going to knock you down and stamp your balls flat”, Narkle stopped talking and didnt come near me again. I sincerely regret having not done that rather than threatening the man, if I had done so it may have prevented a number of assaults on girls/women.

Heres the funny thing, within 2 days he had everyone, patients and staff hating him, even the mentally ill were disgusted by him.

I left Graylands before he was released back to prison but if I had to make an uneducated guess Id say his breakdown was he was saying exactly what he thought, with no lying.

In addition, when hes outside he often wears makeup to cover over his distinctive tattoos, and his victims are almost always smaller or less physically capable than him. Hes a true predator.

Fast forward to last year, Ive met my brothers new girlfriend for the second time and we are all on the piss at the pub. Narkle was in the news so I started on my graylands story, when my brother dug my ribs from behind as a hint to shut up.

It turns out his new lady had been raped by Narkle 20 odd years ago, in addition to the rape they jammed a stick up her, nearly killing her from the blood loss.

She spoke to me about it later on, and how it had wrecked her for a decade of self abuse and feelings of worthlessness.

Id like Mr Narkle to die. Not imprisoned, not on bail, not supervised. Id just like to see him not walking the earth anymore in any shape of form. Hes exactly the inspiration for a lynch mob.

PS: The sad thing is ive met his parents, they are as nice and respectable coulple as you could meet. How they were cursed with such a bad seed is beyond me.

7 Responses to “The case for death, Narkle should die.”

  1. Pedro the Ignorant Says:

    I saw this maggot “staking out” a Perth suburban shopping centre a year or so back. He was sitting in a car with a towel over his lap and watching the mainly female crowd coming and going from the supermarket.
    I rang the local police and told them where Narkle was and that he seemed to be up to no good.
    The mealy mouthed response was “What do you want us to do about it?”
    I replied that the grub is known sex offender and you should attend the car park and move him on.
    “He hasn’t committed any crime” came the useless jobsworth’s reply.
    About two weeks later he was locked up again for another sexual assault.
    If ever anyone ever needed castrating, it is this POS.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Nup, kill it.

      I so far beyond any arguement anyone can make as to why this 2 legged dog should live its not funny.

      Good job reporting the turd though, not your fault the dick at the station didnt do his job.

    • The Wizard of WOZ Says:

      I’m with the Mole. He’s had more than his fair share of chances to rehabilitate/re-offend.

      I wouldn’t waste the money on a bullet.

      And I wouldn’t compare this festering disease ridden maggot with even the most poorly trained, inbred and rabid canine. Thats simply unfair to dogs.

      I will tie the noose though. A short drop would be about right I rekon, let him use his last breath for dancing…

  2. MarkL of Canberra Says:

    But he’s just a poor misunderstood victom of white oppression under hoWARd and can be rehabilitated! The gaybar loiterers and the lesbian radical knitting collective members I hang out with all agree, too.
    /leftard cretin mode off/

    This is where the fetish for ‘what made this nice bloke go bad’ is exposed . It’s a pathetic lie and a pitiful effort on the part of moral cowards to avoid hard choices. This reveals it, and with stark clarity.

    He’s evil. Bad to the bone. He cannot be ‘reformed’, he cannot be ‘rehabilitated’.

    SO, what do we do with him now to protect society from him?

    My view – hang him. Corpses are remarkably well behaved.

    The leftard view is ‘hanging him is icky, I’ll feel much better if he’s free but only raping people at society’s margins who are most vulnerable and who do not live near me, so I can pretend it is not happening’.

    What those people experience is irrelevant to your average lefty, because as usual it’s all about THEIR feelings.


    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Good point, the people this scumbag chooses are generaly the ones the lefties claim to care about. Poor vulnerable and marginalised.

      Its much like some of the crime problems, its the poor etc who cop the brunt of it because they are living with the criminal scum.

  3. Lloyd Copper Says:

    Don’t bring gays into it MarkL. I am gay but I’d be glad to see this oxygen thief OUTTA HERE. Don’t stereotype, dude.

  4. julie samson Says:

    The frolicking mole is the real and only mental patient at graylands. Tell the truth. You spoke to narkles wife and she said what? I know for a fact that is fictional and delusional. They met in 2009 for the first time. She has never spoken to you. He has never been involved in an assault/rape on her in the past. How dare you comment on any woman being raped with lies like that. Shame on you .You would also know that most charges against narkle found him not guilty. Check for yourself.

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