Drug dogs at work.

Someone has lost some “property” down south…

Dogs were “tripping out” and acting aggressively after eating what is believed to be illegal drugs they found on Back Beach late last week.

Veterinarian Dr John Fulton warned owners to be on their guard after three dogs were brought to his McGregor Veterinary Clinic in three days suffering drug-induced distress.


Not quite sniffer dog material are they?

The jack russell, golden retriever and a third dog of mixed breed had all been at Back Beach when they wandered away from their owners and ate the unidentified drugs.

Who, me officer?


The worst affected dog was a normally friendly six-month-old golden retriever who had eaten the biggest amount of drugs.

“As you put your hand near it, it was freaking out,” Dr Fulton said.

The dog’s owner, Peta Power, said she first became concerned when her husband brought their dog Lucy back from a short walk along the Back Beach dog area.

“She was just floppy and we looked at her eyes and they were just totally bloodshot,” she said.

How to tell if your dog is on drugs.


“They had to just heavily sedate her all day and every time she came out of sedation she was tripping out again, so we think she’s aptly named Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

Mrs Power said the experience had been a wake-up call not just for the couple but other dog owners as well.

“Keep them (dogs) by your side at all times, don’t let them run off into the dunes picking up tablets or marijuana or something that will make them hallucinate and have all these major trips,” she said

This may sound a little odd, but quite some years ago my old mans boat was commandeered by the Geraldton drug squad to trawl for some blocks of hash that had fallen off a dingy during a drug smuggling operation. We had a small trawler and spent the next 3 nights trawling around looking for the bundles, never found them, though one was found on the beach.

3 Responses to “Drug dogs at work.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    The dog’s owner, Peta Power…

    PETA Power??1 As if the story wasn’t parodical enough…

  2. noname Says:

    Doggy cookie treats?

  3. Pot Dogs: It’s Time To Treat Them Like Man’s Best Friend « Cafe Vale Tudo Says:

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