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There are mother/son arguments in Florida – over “stolen” beerdrunk birds in the NT, and sheep thievery in NZ… 14 sheep in a Mazda.

Meanwhile, Ban Ki Moon does his best to make the UN irrelevant.

PS Don’t forget to give the troops some pizza.

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5 Responses to “Around the web”

  1. Vulture Says:

    Florida. It’s always Florida. What’s in the water there?

    • bingbing Says:

      Spot once noted that your Florida is America’s equivalent of Australia’s NT. In what other state would your main CSI put on and take off his sunglasses mid-sentence?

    • Col. Milquetoast Says:

      I think the consensus is that those who would normally be removed from the gene pool by driving stupidly on the ice, freezing to death in the snow, etc but in Florida they manage to survive, mate and breed.

  2. Vulture Says:

    The NT must be a swell place to hang out.

    CSI. Sun glasses. LOL.

    • Col. Milquetoast Says:

      Imagine if they had decided on a different city. Like CSI : Saskatoon. The Royal Canadian Mountie (played by David Caruso) would stand over a corpse, say a phrase and then dramatically pause while taking off his RCMP hat and then finish the sentence with a pun.

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