Drunk Aussie and the crocodile

First the story. A chap decided to get himself thoroughly refreshed at the local tavern, not far from the crocodile farm.

For a rather vague reason he then decided to climb the fence then try and get on a 5m long crocs back.

G'day mate...

Croc got a little grumpy and gave the blokes leg a bit of a nibble.

What kind of man could perform such a deed?


Heres a few more facts.

A MAN whose leg was bitten by a five-metre crocodile called Fatso after he climbed into its pen says he wanted to play with it and feel its skin.

Mr Newman, who was dubbed Crocodile Dumb-dee in The West Australian newspaper on Wednesday, had earlier been turfed out of a Broome tavern for being drunk.

He made his way back to the tavern after the attack and even had a beer before being taken to hospital.

Now a confession.

I too have been massively refreshed at the same pub a few years back, I wasnt kicked out but wobbled out at closing time.

I was staying at a resort nearby, and the walk took me around the back of the crocodile farm, part the way around I decided to sit down for a rest and dozed off….

I woke the next morning with a blue heeler licking my face through the fence, If Id wobbled another dozen of so meters It would have been a croc having a lick…..

Not my finest hour…

Pubs and croc farms should be well separated.

Just like this one....

2 Responses to “Drunk Aussie and the crocodile”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Good thing they don’t have crocs in Korea…

  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Good thing they don’t have salties in Japan…..

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