When a fisking is what’s needed

To begin, we have “kevin“. Here’s Kevin.

Col. Milquetoast.
To show “how bad” of someone else’s nation or in this case, north korea and shown only bad w/o the full picture of entire life in 25million N. Koreans is NOT fair. In Detroit, USA, people do starve believe it or not, but picturing entire USA as starving nation would be arrogant. Selective people and Selective info does not serve justice nor conclusion in N. Korea or any other nation.

“Kevin”, virtually all of North Korea is starving. Yes, there is poverty in Detroit, and there’s a whole other argument there about Asian nations’ car tarriffs, but for brevity’s sake, can we agree the second fattest nation on the planet is not starving.

Political corruption is NOT unique in N.Korea, and this includes the World Bank and the UN.

Thank you for that relevation. 😉

North Korea population is 25 million people and S. Korea is 55 million people thus require more light.

Well yes, Kevin, that is factually true. 55 million people probably will require more electricity than 25 (20) million people. So why is the satellite photo showing such vastly less than half?

I like your comment about “shouldn’t you have listed everything bad about North Korea before you leveled any criticism at the US”, this logic goes both ways whichever country people like to criticize. I was only replying to the picture above, and N. Korea or Any other nations deserves more info verses just NEGATIVE info whether the info is about N. Korea, USA or any other country.

Good one! More info… everyone likes that. So how about that bomb, er, power plant?

I prefer NOT to talk about BAD about any nation

But you are. No worries, we’re used to it with Muslims.

, but I do like to criticize those who like to point failures of others before theirs. I don’t like arrogant people. Why don’t people list good and bad, instead ONLY bad as in the picture above. This is not fair for N. Korea and begs the questions “shouldn’t you have listed everything bad about your own country before you leveled any criticism at others.”

Yeah, we have that quote in English, too. Charity begins at home. It’s better to help yourself before you help others. There are so many things wrong with your last paragraph. First, you say you don’t like arrogant people, but you yourself are being so arrogant. As for good and bad, you only wish to highlight the “bad” in America whilst not even admitting you’re Iranian, what with it’s rigged elections, the madman Ahmedinijad, and the corrupt child-molesting Ahatollahs.

This LOGIC works both ways. Japan has accused N. Korean of Kidnappings which is drop in the bucket compared to Kidnappings Japan has done in WWII against South & North Korea.

Yep, as a south Korean resident, you’re right there. But what’s that got to do with your hatred of the West? Nice try at a diversion.

For the 1st time Japan is acknowledging kidnapping is bad ONLY after having experience on their own; kidnapping was not a concern that USA brought to Japan. Having said above, USA is very good nation and N. Korea has a lot to learn from USA.

Right gain.

But how can N. Korea learn from USA when people don’t like N. Korea with this “ONLY BAD North Korea” info and treat the entire population as Kim Jong Il.

You really don’t get it. No one has a problem with North Korea. It’s their government, Einstein.

I am NOT falling for that trap and hope no else does against any other nation. I intend to hear from both side, just like the court of justice in USA. That is the the TRUE American Way and I intend to stand for that without SELECTIVITY.

It’s good you’re not falling into the trap of Islam.

Nothing against you or anyone else or any other nation, but toward the arrogant., and this includes the World Bank and the UN governed by table of 5 Kims or 5 “PERMANENT” Member of Security Council. World Bank does NOT loan money to N. Korea to buy food, thus N. Korea is NOT in heavily debt as others; but surely debt is better than food shortage.

Sure, and if only North Korea would come to the table…

It’s funny, buddy. You’re appealing to us like we’re all Obama-loving leftists. The West has alot to see through, but guaranteed you’re on the plate, mate.

You wanna keep playing mind games, Kevin?

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  1. mabba Says:

    Now we have a labor Green alliance!

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