Hard Labor

Here’s the official version:

LABOR may have managed to hang on to office, but behind the scenes a brain drain is under way in ministerial offices.

Many of the staff made the decision to leave months ago, after two-and-a-half years working for the demanding Rudd government.

And thanks to commenter, MarkL, over at Tim Blair’s, here’s a portion of the unofficial version:

Gotten a couple of calls from desperate hair-on-fire folks I know at DFAT. This is the gist of the last one:

DFAT Person “**** have you **** heard? It’s **** kevin **** rudd the **** little **** as **** foreign minister!”

MarkL: “Should be fun.”

DP “(about 200 **** deleted) No. The little squealer was a bloody useless EL-1 here and everyone hated him. He did not get sacked because he sucked **** by the country mile with [names of guilty parties deleted]. There were parties when the little **** left to go and **** up the Queensland health system. He knew we all hated him, that’s why he cut the **** off our budget when he became PM. He’s a vindictive, vicious, small minded, micromanaging **** little **** and those are his good points.”

M: “Like I said, should be fun. For everyone not at DFAT.”

DP “You are a ****!”

Let it not be a three year wait.

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