Save the planet, blow up a denialist!

From the scintillating intellects who brought you the “age of stupid” comes a lame attempt at “comedy” to promote the warmanists cause.

Heres the original promo for the “age of stupid”.

“There will be blood”, the lame arsed pom version… its about as close to wish fulfillment as the warmanistas will go..

Heres the Guardians write up on the new “comedy“.

Note the whole series is tied into the 10:10 campaign which states its goal as a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions by this year.

Its a pet project of the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

The only problem, well apart from being out of time, according to this mob, 350 is the tipping point, currently we aer on 388, so 10% wouldnt do bugger all anyway.

In other words its the usual bunch of luurvies posturing about how everyone else should live while gallivanting around in private jets.

If they really want to lower emissions Id suggest killing themselves, but only in an ironically hip non threatening way….just like their movie…

Worst of all, its not even that funny. (with the exception of the ending)

One Response to “Save the planet, blow up a denialist!”

  1. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    Guys, did you see Miranda Divine is writing about Tim’s post on 10 10 and Andrew’s?

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