Chile Miner rescue.

Today marks a truly great achievement. The scale of engineering carried out to rescue these miners is amazing.

First the original drilling to find the men. Modern drilling can be extremely accurate in drilling hundreds of meters to hit precise locations underground. One of the keys to being accurate is not to “rush”. Drills that are pushed to hard tend to deviate from their intended paths, sometimes by dozens of meters .  The rescue team managed to pin down the location quickly, brilliant.

The second point about the drilling. The rescue borehole has achieved incredible speed and accuracy, the normal pace of drilling for a machine of this type is a few dozen meters a day at best, I can only assume the ground/rock where they are working isnt particularly tough going..

The installation of the reinforcing steel casing did have an element of risk, that’s where a bend of a few degrees in the shaft could have caused a jam, to  drill that deep that straight is incredible.

I hope the blokes being rescued are able to become wealthy from their story, at least wealthy enough not to return to mining.

The blokes involved in the rescue will have a story for the grandkids, theres talk of on of the ministers involved using the rescue to mount a possible presidential bid.

I can only compare the rescue to this one, carried out back in 1907, when a trapped miner was rescued from a flooded mine by a hard hat diver. An American future president was also involved.

First men out, brilliant!

Last man out (bar one rescue worker), what a triumph!

4 Responses to “Chile Miner rescue.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    The best take on that so far.

  2. David Crawford Says:

    And one of the true heroes of the effort was a driller from Denver, Colorado.

  3. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    yeah! They’re out

  4. Vulture Says:

    Mole, you’re not well. 🙂

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