Australia without borders.

Well it appears its nearly official, Australia has effectively ceased to have borders.

In a major policy shift, the Federal Government is preparing to announce plans to release hundreds of asylum seekers from detention and allow them to live in the community while their applications for asylum are being accessed.


Many years ago, around the time of the Latham election I was having a conversation with a detainee about the likelihood of a Labour government opening the centres and releasing all the asylum applicants. At that time I told the bloke I thought it was extremely unlikely unless the greens held the balance of power. Fast forward a decade and here we are, right on schedule.

Evil or just plain stupid?

Audio: Sarah Hanson Young wibbleing on about how nasty having borders are…

It means hundreds of asylum seekers, including about 700 children, who are currently in detention centres are likely to be released

Every child released, effectively making turning up with a kid a ticket straight out of detention and into Australia. This will have the effect of seeing more women and children on the boats, at the moment its more single men.

Senator Hanson-Young says issues of employment and education are still yet to be worked out.

“Children who are of school age will need to be going to school. That’s one of the things that I’m quite strong on,” she said.

“In terms of working, some people may be able to, because they’re up for it. Other people are simply are not in a state to be able to work as yet … My understanding is that the Minister wouldn’t have made a decision on those work rules yet.”

“Some people are simply not in a state to be able to work”… So the greens will be pushing for open ended welfare straight off the boat…how..enlightened of them.

She says there will be a variety of different options for housing.

“Currently, of course, there are families and children housed in detention facilities at the moment in Darwin where they’re under lock and guard by 24 hour security, where their movement is restricted,” she said.

“Even removing that restriction will actually help a lot. Parents could take their kids down to the park, make them meals as they see fit.

Housing: “Just open the centres and remove the guards” seems to be her solution.

Do you think it will cause more asylum seekers: “no that’s not going to happen its a myth and simply not true”…

The absolute stupidity and/or evil of this airhead is beyond normal. Australia has a tolerant and thriving society because we accept, to a large extent, that government of whatever stripes are actually trying to “do good” by the majority of the population.

This decision will see refugee numbers increase by a factor of ten over the next 2 years, Im willing to place an even money bet on it.

This is an act of political bastardry unequaled in the last few decades. Julia and her party have NO mandate for this at all, Im willing to bet they would have lost the election if they had so much as hinted at this policy turn around.

12 Responses to “Australia without borders.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    No mandate.

    But worse still, nothing’s changed, and it just regular cops overlooking this shit… this extra, specified shit.

    How? Who?

    How? by welfare. Who? Government welfare officers acting on “advice”.


    Well that goes back to the question of stupid vs evil…

    • bingbing Says:

      As for Sarah-Hyphen-Young?

      She’s been on a roll since probably her early years in high school. But now that’s starting to fuck with 22 million people.

      It’s time for her to have a look around the country and reconcile her ideologies with real life.

  2. SezaGeoff Says:

    Fantastic, isn’t it. Can we ensure that they are all sent to Adelaide to impress the woodducks that voted Hansen-Young in?

    • Merilyn Says:

      No, not all of us voted for Sarah Hanson-Young, in fact feel sure you will find not that many South Australians even like her.

    • Merilyn Says:

      O’k you win! How did you do it? The Government is going to build a camp in the Adelaide Hills! They seem to be talking about two of them into the bagain.

  3. 1.6 Says:

    How are we expected to house large families from 3rd world countries who average around 8 children in a family unit? Many of these families choose to have a lots of children so that they can work on the land. The impacts of housing shortages and affordability affect all prospective home owners and renters in the city regions.

  4. 1.6 Says:

    Why would you possibly want to rent a home to new arrivals if landlords are only provided with up to $1,000 to cover damage or the excess on the insurance policy in the case of severe damage that may occur during the tenancy? If the gates are open who knows if they have been security checked by the government.

  5. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Holy crap……..does sarah hyphen yung even inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. Her idea of undergraduate simplistic ideas are better served in the student caferteria than in the adult world……………………………can these fools just piss right off???

  6. Merilyn Says:

    So many people just don’t understand just what the Greens stand for, and when they do, will probably say, “but nobody told us!”
    As for Sarah Hanson-Young……..well words fail me. surely no one could be as silly as she is at her age.

    • J.M. Heinrichs Says:

      Perhaps the voters of S Aus hate the rest of the country?


    • Merilyn Says:

      Good point!

  7. MarkL Says:

    I’m going with evil.


    1. The policy she espouses will cause people to put kids on to the unseaworthy POS boats the people smugglers use.

    2. More of these boats will founder.

    3. Some of these kids will die.

    4. This is an inevitable, totally predictable outcome – because it is what happened last time.

    4.a. Remember SIEV X?

    5. This loathesome green maggot does not care about that, so long as she gets to feel good about herself. What does it matter to her if lot more of ‘little brown people’ die?

    That’s why she’s evil.

    So while I am not accusing her of racism, I am accusing her of near-pathological levels of narcissism, and a stupidity so profound that it generates a predictable and evil outcome.

    Deliberately accepting a predictable and evil outcome is itself an act of evil. This is true even of you pretend that you never even suspected such a thing might happen, and believe your ofn BS pretence, as this maggot will.

    So yes, she’s evil by that measure.


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