A well made video even a lefty should understand.

Julia “when we get in we will change everything” Gillard today announced a large expansion in holding facilities for illegal immigrants here in Oz.

Stars, about as real as my promises...

This is curious for 2 reasons, shes only just announced families will be let out ASAP, regardless of their claims veracity, this should have freed up around 700 beds.

Now shes announcing the creation of 2000 new beds, thats an effective expansion of over 2700 places.  In addition there are 2 other sites, with unspecified numbers, that are available as well.

Now add the number of releases from detention as part of the normal process then just how big a wave of migration have they unleashed on Australia with their ideological and stupid reversal of the Howard regime?

So is there a reporter brave enough to buttonhole the new Immigration minister and ask for his estimates of numbers for the next 12 months?  Would they also enquire just what numbers Labour or the greens might consider a “crisis” for the wider community?

Julia and her band of ideologues have unleashed a tidal wave of people that will fundamentally change Australia for the worse.  I dont accept this is an “honest mistake” or that they “mean well”, this is a deliberate attempt to import a voting block and cement at least state government control for labor. They will cram the centres, and create a crisis that will “justify” the dismantling of Australias border regime. They are effectively devaluing the worth of Australian citizenship to the price of a people smugglers fare.

And before any bleeding heart weepie wants to waffle have a look at this US video for an idea of just how silly your “efforts” are on a global scale.

HT: Theo for the vid.

There is no “white mans burden”, get over yourselves.

If anyone cares here the Greens policy on Refugee applicants, lets see how much more is enacted..

4 Responses to “A well made video even a lefty should understand.”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    “Another boat, another policy failure” – Vuvuzela the droner from altona.

    Seriously does this woman have any idea about what she is doing, or is bob brown now the defacto PM??

    Either way Gough Whitlam and Krudd are going to their beds tonight secure in the knowledge that no one will ever call them the worst PM in Australias history.

  2. boy on a bike Says:

    I look forward to all 700 of those illegals being housed in Balmain.

    • onepointsixoneeight Says:

      or Mosman.

  3. Merilyn Says:

    Saw a comment where the person said that they should be placed next door to Julia’s new house, that way she can keep an eye on them!
    Come to think of it, that is not a bad idea.

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