The UN must change

And big time.

It’s bloody ridiculous when you have countries like Iran (stone her to death!) and Saudi Arabia (don’t you dare drive, woman!) set to become big players on the UN Women’s Board.

And what about the Human Rights Council? Saudi Arabia is on that one, too. And China.

What a joke.

Well, former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, ever critical of the UN (and Obama’s love-in with them), makes his case for change.

In recent years, there has perhaps been more commentary in the United States that is critical of the United Nations (UN) than ever before. Criticism has grown for many reasons: the Security Council’s failure to take its own resolutions seriously, especially in the face of Saddam Hussein’s defiance; the Oil-for-Food scandal; the endless efforts to “norm” the United States into compliance with a liberal agenda that could not achieve a majority within our own democratic system; and international officials who seem to think that UN member governments work for them instead of the other way around. Whatever the reasons, and they are many, the growing criticism has raised the attendant question: what do we plan to do about it? This Outlook describes the sad, and largely unsuccessful, history of UN reform efforts in the past thirty years and proposes a revolutionary change that might actually produce a different result: moving toward voluntary funding of the UN and its activities. In addition, it provides complementary information about the culture of the UN and its member states that any subsequent American reform efforts will have to take into account.

Key points in this Outlook:

* Criticism of the UN has grown, as the United States continues to pay a large portion of the UN budget but wield
remarkably little influence.
* Repeated attempts at UN reform have failed, from “consensus-based” budgeting to the new Human Rights Council.
* To improve transparency, accountability, and performance, the UN should move toward a system of voluntary funding.

Read on.

What? You came here for election updates?

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4 Responses to “The UN must change”

  1. onepointsixoneeight Says:

    The security council has the real power. Why did Obama seat himself as the head of the UN securitiy council? UN was origionally designed for fraud and corruption, that was its origonal purpose. The security council needs to go as they never really address any problems.

  2. Col. Milquetoast Says:

    A new UN agency for women called UN Women? I guess the agency UNIFEM has been aborted.

    I say don’t change the UN. By doing things like putting Cuba, Libya and China on a Human Rights Council the UN is willing to prove its level of corruption despite the UN’s usual problems with conventional transparency.

    Don’t change it, but don’t fund it either.

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